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April 30, 2009

The April Mystery Challenge focused on finding out where our mystery camper was. He had some pictures, this time with no tags, and some additional clues that may have helped.

View From The Mystery Camper's Site

View From The Mystery Camper’s Site

Also From The Mystery Camper's RV Site


Also From The Mystery Camper's RV Site

Also From The Mystery Camper’s RV Site

Interesting!  A Marina and Restaurant.

Interesting! A Marina and Restaurant.

Hmmm..... Could That Be Spanish Moss?>

Hmmm….. Could That Be Spa

The 1700 some arces is made up of two properties. One parcel being the campgrounds and the other containing a full blown dude ranch.  The mystery camper is enjoying the following activities here.* Visiting the petting farm

* Skeet and trap shooting

* A weekly bull riding rodeo

* A cool drink in an authentic saloon

* A trail ride

* Met some people staying in the 240 room on-site hotel

* Took an airboat ride

* Went out for a boat ride with one of the lot owners

* Toured the campground to see some of the sites in the 5 phases totalling somewhere near 580 sites

An Airport?

Some lot owners choose to fly in and out. This field is paved and is reported to be about 5,000 feet in length.  The car on the right side of the photo is registered in the state that this campground is in.

And the correct answer was, River Ranch RV Resort in Lake Wales, Florida.  It was surprising how many got it so quickly.  Westgate was also correct, as the main aminities are owned and operated by them.
Bragging rights go out to the following for sucessfully solving the April Mystery Challenge…… Beverly, Steve Kaiser, Colleen Moore, Fred Wolfe, Bob Horton, Sheri Lamp, Tim Keppler, Darrell Carver, Dennis & Debi, John & Bonnie Nelson, John, Juergen Steinmetz, and Steve Powers. 
Using the idea suggested by Bob Horton, next months will be more difficult.  The Mystery Camper will only be showing photo’s, with no word clues.  If through the month, clues are required, some will be added.  So don’t miss it!
Hats Off To Those That Solved It     –      Lug_Nut       –      Peter Mercer

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