Tin Foil BBQ Chicken

Tin foil meals are staple of camping! They are the perfect self contained, easy to make, low mess meal thats great for when you are outdoors or just grilling at home. This tin foil BBQ chicken recipe is the perfect way to kick off the grilling season. We kept it simple and on the lighter side in this recipe, but you can add onions, cheddar, and corn to fill it out more. Watch the video below and try the recipe for yourself!

Tin Foil BBQ Chcken!


Red Potato
Green pepper
Chicken Breast
BBQ sauce
Non stick Sray
Tin Foil

Preparation Instructions:

Chop your potatoes and peppers.
Lay foil out and spray non stick spray on the foil.
Add a layer of BBQ Sauce to the foil the stack potatoes and peppers.
Add salt and pepper to potatoes to taste, and drizzle more BBQ sauce on top.
Top with Chicken breast, sprinkle salt and pepper to taste and cover with BBQ sauce and peppers.
Wrap the foil, make sure there is a bit of an air pocket above the food.

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  1. Anonymous

    everthing looks great. i do a potatoe,green pepper,onion,cabbagecarrots, with polish sausage wrapped in reynolds wrap so delis.