RV Cooking Show – Free RV Fun & Stuffed Bananas on the Grill

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July 22, 2010

Greetings from the road,

Summer is officially here as evidenced not only by the calendar but the temps outside!! Chances are RVing/camping is in the cards…even if you are on a budget. Well, you won’t be surprised with this show…you already know we RVers are the most frugal bunch around. In this episode of the RV Cooking Show I’ll share with you some of my favorite fun free things to do when you go RVing. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love free fun, right!?!?

And now to one of the main attractions of summer…the grill. But nope, we’re not talking burgers here. Instead we’re making steamy stuffed banana boats on the grill (you can also make them right in the campfire). Think chocolate, peanut butter, honey, brown sugar, even pineapple and coconut…it’s all so very good! Watch this shorter than usual (I know you have places to go) RV Cooking Show – Banana Boats – steamy, stuffed and grilled & No Cost RV Fun below.

[vimeo 13016464]

I am also delighted to tell you I’ve produced an RV Cooking Show eCookbook – Great Getaway Grilling – free to my show subscribers. If you are already a subscriber you’ve recieved the link to this summer grilling kick-off, six of my favorite locations and grilling recipes. If not, visit the RV Cooking Show home, subscribe, and a downloadable e-Cookbook will be sent to your email address.

Thanks for watching…now let’s get this show on the road!

RV Cooking Show

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