New Policy at Thunder Valley Casino, CA

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May 16, 2009

Good news for once…

Casinos change their RV parking policy from time to time and for various reasons.  Construction projects sometimes take up too much space and RV’s are out.  Local ordinances occasionally get in the way, and we all remember the battles over Laughlin.  Once in a while the “bad apple” spoils it for everyone by abusing the casino’s hospitality and trying to make a residence – along with unsightly litter and other problem behavior.  Thankfully this last situation is very rare, although it gets a lot of publicity.

But today it’s good news that I bring to you!  After several years of inconsistant policy, mostly disallowing any RV parking day or night, the Thunder Valley Casino in Lincoln, CA has a new policy called “Park and Play”.  The short version is; you can park there for up to 3 days while enjoying the casino.  The casino’s website explains it, and also gives more details about the policy.

Thunder Valley is conveniently located near Rocklin about 8 miles from I-80.  By the way, one of our favorite Camping World stores is located in Rocklin!

Happy travels, and good luck in the casinos!


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  2. Thank you for the info. That gives us another option when visiting California.

  3. Hi Herb,

    Unless you’re pulling that Dolly behind a 5th wheel I think you’ll be OK. There’s no double towing, so a truck/5ver/boat rig wouldn’t be allowed. Also there’s no dropping trailers, so you’d have to keep the dolly hooked up to the motor home. Otherwise looks to me that you’re OK.

    I’d call them before you go to be sure, and to see if there’s any special event taking up parking. I recall a few years ago when they sometimes allowed RV parking their lot was full and no RVs allowed during special events.


  4. Truman

    Send them an e-mail they have a contact us on the page Don’t hurt to ask!!!!

  5. Herb Teas

    Just checked their rules as we travel by there twice a year going to AZ. Sounds like they would be out of bounds for us as we tow our car on a dolly. Do you read the rules the same way?