In Time For The Holidays. RV Buff Gift Ideas Under $100

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December 7, 2008

With the holidays coming fast upon us, some of us might need some innovative gift ideas especially suited to the RV buff.  Today we will look at relatively inexpensive ideas, but ones that may be treasured by many an RV enthusiast.

A wireless remote thermometer.  These work great for monitoring the water bay of your RV, whether it’s sitting at home or while travelling in cold climates.  These are available from retailers like Radio Shack from about $15 up to $50.



An I.R. (Infrared) thermometer.  These portable battery powered thermometers are capable of checking the temperature of items like tires, wheel bearings, air conditioning output and more.  This is done by merely aiming it at the target and squeezing a trigger.  Instantly the tire temperature or targeted item is read and displayed via L.E.D. (light emitting diode).  A great “must have” for any RV enthusiast.  These can be found at Camping World or at electronic retailers like Radio Shack.  You can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $99.  Note: There are industrial grade units available for far higher prices.  These have a wider temperature range and are capable of sensing the temperature at a greater distance.





A dash or window mount cellular phone holder.  Many people do not have a dedicated cell phone holder in their RV.  This can be used in a motorized unit or can be a great cell phone central mount in a trailer.  These are available in many retail stores that deal with cell phone accessories such as Best Buy and are priced from $12 to $39.

A battery operated LCD alarm clock that lights briefly at the touch of a button.  These are great for your RV as they can be used while camping without electrical power.  Need to see what time it is, just touch the light button, no need to turn a light on.  These can be found in some department stores like Sears or possibly also in stores like Radio Shack.  The prices range from $20 to $30.

A vehicle travel log book.  Keeping a log of your travels for later use is both entertaining and useful.  How many times have you wondered what that park was called or how long ago you were in that area?  A log book would contain all those answers and more.  Additionally, keeping a section devoted to maintenance can be an added bonus.  Log books, or books that can be arranged as a log, can be found in many locations such as Barnes and Noble or other fine book stores.  A wide price range can be expected here as you can choose a simple, but functional log or a genuine leather bound gold leafed one.  Prices will range from $10 to $70.

An analogue to digital TV converter.  With the dead line in the U.S. fast approaching, all off-air television broadcasts will no longer be available in analogue.  So, after February, ’09, your TV in your RV will no longer function for off-air programming if it is not relatively new.  Fortunately, you do not have to replace the set, just add a converter box, and believe me, once you see the picture quality of the new digital broadcast, you will never want to go back.  It’s easy to install, and should work with any make or model TV.  These can be found at Camping World, Best Buy or almost any home electronics store.  These converters are priced around $50, but there are government, and possible manufacturer’s rebates, that may be available.

The 2008 Trailer Life Directory on CD’s (2). A great gift for any RV buff.  These discs can make finding your next campsite as easy as clicking your mouse.  The ’08 directory set can be found at any Camping World store or on-line.  The cost is about $23.

The new 2008 or 2009 MicroSoft Streets and Trips.  This package is available with or without the USB cable and GPS receiver/antenna.  It is capable of full voice directed navigation and planning for Continental U.S., Canada and Mexico.  This is available at Best Buy or any other software supplier.  It is also available on-line through many companies.  Expect to pay $44 to $79, depending on which model you wish and where you shop.







A set of FRS 2-way radios.  With these, communication is easy when backing into a site and using a spotter.  Additionally they provide a great way to stay in touch in the camp ground or at an RV show.  Available at Camping World, Radio Shack, Cabella’s, and other sporting supply retailers at anywhere from $18 to $79.

Well, hopefully that will get you thinking.  You might also wish to search on-line through catalogues of some of the suppliers I have listed and others.  Next week, we will look at some great gift ideas for the RV buff that are priced in excess of $100.

Just In Time For The Holidays   –   Lug_Nut   –   Peter Mercer


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