Good Sam CEO, Marcus Lemonis, to Appear on ABC's "Secret Millionaire"

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June 5, 2012

Watch Camping World & Good Sam Enterprises Chairman and CEO Marcus Lemonis on ABC’s Secret Millionaire, Sunday, August 5th at 8:00 EDT/7:00 CDT. Lemonis returns to his home town of Miami to live and volunteer among its poorest residents, learning firsthand about their daily struggles and how he can use his success and leadership to help them break the cycle of tough times.

Secret Millionaire reflects perfectly the Good Sam philosophy of giving back where it’s needed,” said Lemonis of his life-changing experience on the show. “Good Sam was founded back in 1966, loosely based on the story of the Good Samaritan who went out of his way to help a fellow traveler,” he said. “This show provided me personally a great opportunity to help others in my hometown community.”

The reality show follows one of America’s self-made millionaires as they leave the comforts of their home behind and spend a week in one of the country’s poorest areas. Their true identities remain concealed until the end of the week’s journey as they get to know real people who lead real lives in these desolate situations. Each show peaks as the millionaires award hundreds of thousands of dollars of their own money to the unsung heroes of that community.

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  3. Coralie Smith

    My husband and I enjoyed Good Sam caradventures and tours. We are sad to see they are being eliminated. They were really enjoyable and gave us a chance to meet other members around the country and Canada. We were able to make friends and still keep in touch. We really would like to see them re-enstated.

  4. Nick Hurst

    Marcus Lemonis is very fair and concerned about Good Sam customers. My wife and I had a snafu so to speak with a situation at Camping World. She email Marcus Lemonis and he rectified the issue without hesitation! He is an extremely respectful and honorable businessman. In business there will always be mistakes/issues and how they are handled when they arise is very important! Mr. Lemonis knows exactly how to handle them and how to keep his customers happy!

  5. Rodney – we’re not sure what are you’re speaking off, but looking up Chapters is your area is very simple. Simply visit and use the drop down to find your state. Hope this helps! We’re so glad you’re interested in joining a Good Sam Chapter.

  6. Is theren a Good Sams chapter in my vecinity?