Giving Thanks, Plus "Moon of Honey in the Trailer!"

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November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving offers the opportunity to reflect on life, liberty, and the pursuit of full hookup campgrounds. As we take a fond gaze in the proverbial rearview mirror, we see another action-packed year of whimsical RV antics, mind-expanding personal growth, and charming Walmart parking lots.

ROUGH CUT – “Moon Of Honey in the Trailer!” from Sean Michael on

For the most part, life with our RV has been a joy. (Except for the bent axle, which was not a particularly joyous situation for anyone involved — except Visa.)

RV camping has brought us closer together as a couple — literally. And blogging has helped to keep the spirit alive, as we broadcast our triumphs and travails around the globe.

I’m thankful for the many kind emails and comments we’ve received this past year.

Recently, we even got an email from an RV honeymooning couple in BRAZIL! Yes, believe it or not, we have kindred spirits in Brazil who also got hitched shortly after getting hitched.

Cássio writes:

“I love travel trailers, campinground (SIC)….and I have a travel trailer too, but I´m from Brazil and here is not popular have a RV. I did my honeymoon on a travel trailer too and we traveled about 3000km it was very cool. I think that I was the first to make this adventure in my country. Sorry but my English is a little poor. ”

Well done, my Brazilian friend. No need to apologize for your English, as it is far superior to my Portuguese. You can check out Cássio’s site (Lua de Mel do Trailer or “Moon of Honey in the Trailer”) and photos here: MOON OF HONEY IN THE TRAILER!

Cássio and his wife are clearly an adventurous couple, especially since RV ownership is unusual in Brazil. His comments make me thankful that RV travel is so popular in our own vast and wonderful country. We are fortunate that the industry has grown and matured over several decades, so that RV-ing is supported coast-to-coast!

I’m thankful for our continued health and safety while traveling. Any time you venture onto highways, you are rolling the dice. So far we’ve enjoyed over 30,000 miles of safe travel. (That sound you hear is me knocking on wood.)

I’m thankful for all of our kind friends at Affinity Group, Airstream, and the RVIA (you know who you are!) who have encouraged us to keep on honeymooning.

I’m thankful that fuel prices are headed in a downward direction, so we can fill SEEMORE’s belly without scorching our credit cards.

And speaking of fuel, I’m thankful for YOU, our readers (and watchers). Our Long Long Honeymoon is fueled primarily by positive feedback, and you’ve put plenty of the good stuff in our tank this year.

Stay tuned, folks – the best is yet to come!

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  1. Hi Gwen, and thank you for your sweet note. Congrats on your purchase! I’m glad that our blog has been helpful. We plan to continue covering new topics throughout the year, and should be doing some extensive camping in the spring. That’s a great story about your Thanksgiving dinner. Personally, I love crockpot meals! Last year I bought a crockpot and made a roast myself, ha ha. Thanks again, and happy camping to you and your hubby!

  2. Gwen Adams

    My hubby and I just bought a 1984 scotty travel trailer in Aug. and love it. We were looking for some answers to some questions and found your blog. We love it ! I thought I would let you 2 know that we did our Thanksgiving dinner in the camper, in a crockpot and it turned out great,the only thing it didn’t do was brown on top to good. I just put it in the pot with dressing and very little water in the bottom, spray pot with cooking spray first. Put it on early in the morning (on high) and cooked for 5-5 1/2 hrs till done,(best to have a pop up time in the turkey) it was the juicyest turkey we ever had. Have a great trip and our prayers are with you always.

  3. Thanks Gary, it has been a lot of fun. Hopefully we can spread the RV gospel and offer some good travel tips along the way.

    Linda, thank you and best of luck on your forthcoming “long, long retirement!” I’m sure you are excited about the many adventures which lie ahead. Kristy and I have met many fulltime retirees on the road who are loving life. As the saying goes, the journey is the destination!

  4. Linda Gillespie

    I have been following you from the beginning and look forward to each of your posts. We (my husband and I) are leaving next year for a long retirement instead of a long honeymoon. We are going on the road fulltime and your posts have just wetted our appeities for the adventures ahead of us.

  5. Gary Mots

    Thanks for taking us with you, I have really enjoyed your travels.

  6. Thanks Jim, same to you.

    And a big LOL on the “Whaaaat?” I think your initial reaction was absolutely normal!

    Our blog has an unusual premise, but we’ve had a great time with it. Yes, we’ve seen many beautiful places along the way, but nothing ANY fellow RV’er with a little time and determination can’t also see! That’s the beauty of it…

    Cheers, Sean

  7. Jim Duffy

    Just a quick note to wish you both a Happy Thanksgiving. When you first started your journey I thought “Whaaat?”. I have to admit I have enjoyed following your adventures and trials. I look forward to each edition and envy the many beautiful places and wonderful experiences you have encountered in your travels.

    Keep up the good work and stay safe.