Happy Thanksgiving

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November 25, 2008

By Lynn Difley
Thanksgiving is such a great holiday. I think it’s my favorite. The combination of family and food, what could be better? It is far enough away from the commercialism of the other holidays that it can still be enjoyed with a minimum of fuss.

We can enjoy the company of family and friends; delight in the foods prepared with love and regard for the quality of the ingredients. Thanksgiving is a great time to enjoy the fall harvest of foods; farmers markets are still full of greens, peppers, winter squash, and root vegetables. If you are worried about adding on too many pounds this holiday, I have some facts to share, and will leave you to make your own conclusions.

The average American will consume more than 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day, according to the Caloric Control Council (what a group they must be!) But guess what? Most of these calories are added up in the snacking that is done in front of the TV while watching parades and sporting events. So it’s not the turkey, mashed potatoes, or even the pumpkin pie that does in our waistline, it’s the chips, dip, soda, and beer that we don’t even consider part of the holiday meal. So why not skip the TV watching and snacking and take a walk instead? Or follow the old Kennedy tradition–a game of touch football on the lawn?
Let’s say you take a brisk walk. The whole family can explore the neighborhood, or, take an inspiring walk along the beach or through the woods, having a chance to chat, catch up on each other’s lives, while the kids and dogs trot back and forth burning off their excess energy.

In just 10 minutes you can walk off 54 calories. But 10 minutes is much too short a stroll. What about a good hour’s walk before you sit down? I love to go outside, take a walk, or play ball with the kids, then come back in and whiff that heavenly smell of turkey baking. What about combining chores and activity? Raking leaves can score up to 40 calories, if the adults rake, and the kids jump in the piles to spread them all out again, you will all have great fun and can manage to put a dent in the big meal before you wash your hands for dinner.
Whatever you choose to do this Thanksgiving, enjoy the celebration. Don’t worry about calories or carbohydrates, treasure the time you spend with the ones that matter the most. Happy Thanksgiving.

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  3. G.M.


    Happy thanksgiving to you also. From some of the people we noticed a lot of calories get consumed watching the football game.

    thanksgiving around our house is the big event. Food, family and lots of good friends . Christmas then… everyone stays home for their own family.

    Good ideas about getting outside to play… most of the youngsters you have a hard time getting them to come in and get changed for dinner…

    In our later years its strange that we worry about weight… when earlier we never gave it much thought.

    Most of the leaves have gone now… and were awaiting the next storm to ring in the Christmas era.

    The tradition around here is that the men set the dining room up… that between kickoffs… place the settings and decide where everyone is going to sit… build the fire and string up the lights for the Christmas coming. Being a bunch of engineers and video people… we then head out for the shop and start thinking about what stuff we are going to put up for Christmas display. Help the kids build things that they are going to take back home with ’em…

    Gives the women folk a chance to talk freely about all the men folk…

    the Men folk then start Check out the latest additions to the RV’s, trucks etc… discuss vacation trip plans and in general just be like kids in a candy store… to see what is new… the yard is full of RV’s as each kid all 6 of ’em… has their family in ’em. it is still the best and cheapest way for them to travel today.

    Once that is done… its normally football, helping with the babys (they multiply like rabbits suddenly) and of course ocasional kitchen help. Want to lose lots of calories.. try keeping up with the rug rats…

    Its not only the sights but the smells that make the memories. The video tapeing and pictures can’t capture the great smells and aroamas that make up thankgiving…

    After dinner we all gather to see the oldies movies and tapes… from the adventures of the year and years past… a little something for everyone young and old… as the years slip by.

    ahhh this is what its all about… and worth waiting the whole year for…

    Happy Hollidays


  4. TXBrad

    Lynn: Good info for the holidays: The holiday ” snacking” is hard to not partake !
    But, as they say, choose your snacks wisely .
    We are “part time ” fair weather RV ers. Our, class C is plugged & operational. next to our house. Our daughter ( middle name Lynn) & family coming for the holidays.
    They all will spend nightsvisit time in the Motorhome ( Grand dad’s Motel ). She has 2 small boys who have stayed w/ us on travels. The boys are so excited .I told them sleep lateearly, make your coffee, & TV gets most local TV.
    Helps us w/ 4 added adults & 4 grand kids, as son & family coming also.