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Happy Thanksgiving

By Lynn Difley Thanksgiving is such a great holiday. I think it’s my favorite. The combination of family and food, what could be better? It is far enough away from the commercialism of the other holidays that it can still be enjoyed with a minimum of fuss. We can enjoy the company of family and

A Healthy Breakfast is Good for You

Hooray For Some Good News By Lynn Difley Well, it’s about time we heard some good news and I can’t wait to pass it on. Yes, you and your mother and your grandmother were right, it is good idea to start the day by eating breakfast. There may be a change in menu selection, the

The Road to Fitness

Well if anyone knows about traveling, it would be those of us who participate in the RV lifestyle. We dedicate as much of our lives to traveling as we can afford, and may even go into overdraft situations just to spend a little more time on the road. Picture yourself trying to travel from Texas