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Giving Thanks, Plus "Moon of Honey in the Trailer!"

Thanksgiving offers the opportunity to reflect on life, liberty, and the pursuit of full hookup campgrounds. As we take a fond gaze in the proverbial rearview mirror, we see another action-packed year of whimsical RV antics, mind-expanding personal growth, and charming Walmart parking lots. ROUGH CUT – “Moon Of Honey in the Trailer!” from Sean

RV Tailgate Parties – An Art Form?

Airstream RV Blog #56 – Tailgating! from Sean Michael on TheLongLongHoneymoon.com. According to Wikipedia, “in North America, a tailgate party is a social event held on and around the open tailgate of a vehicle.” Which begs the question, what is a tailgate party in South America? A form of sociopolitical rebellion?

The $1,128,000,000 Campground

Airstream RV Blog #84 – The $1,128,000,000 Campground from Sean Michael on TheLongLongHoneymoon.com. How valuable was this camping experience? We’ve been told that a half acre of land on the Las Vegas Strip recently sold for $47 million. And yet, here’s a massive swath of such land dedicated to a full hookup RV campground. So