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August 23, 2011

In addition to all of the other exciting NEW benefits added to your Good Sam Club membership in recent months, Marcus Lemonis, CEO and Chairman of Good Sam Club, Camping World and Coast to Coast, brought two clubs together to bring you an exciting new benefit. Now, you can enjoy FREE Shipping Every Day at on purchases of $75 or more when you are a member of both the Good Sam Club and the Camping World President’s Club!

As a Good Sam member, you already know how much you save each year. You save every time you stay at a Good Sam Park, visit certain RV service centers and dealers, or purchase any books or magazines from

But do you know that President’s Club members save even more at Camping World? Camping World President’s Club members Save 10%-50% off ALL RVing and outdoor supplies at Camping World along with many other money-saving benefits! Join the Camping World President’s Club today for only $19.95 – a savings of OVER $5 off the reg. 1 YR rate of $25 – to enjoy this valuable benefit – FREE Shipping Every Day at on purchases of $75 or more. PLUS! As a bonus for joining, you will receive the members-only coupon book filled with hundreds of dollars in money-saving offers.

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  1. Linda

    I too am Canadian and will no longer enter a Camping World Store in the USA because of the prohibitive shipping fees being charged to Canadians who order from them to Canada. I will also drop my Good Sam Membership next time it comes up for renewal. I have been a member, for some time, of both Good Sam and Passport America. I continue to support Passport America because of the great deals they give us on Camping Fees. Far more discount than the 10% offered by Good Sam.

    Let us(Canadians) know when you decide to find someone to ship into Canada at a reasonable cost.. If Amazon can do it, so can you. You will lose support from Canadians if you persist on this path.

  2. In the listing above this – I am referring to the Extended Service Plan – Sorry for missing this previously.

  3. We just love Camping World and are also Good Sammers too.

    When we come down to the WA. area on trip we always stop in at CW and usually make some purchases as well.

    On a recent occasion we spoke to an employee who told us that well over 90% of their customers at the Burlington store are Canadian. It is a great pity that they do not have a store in Canada because of these stats. but we do realize the impact that this would obviously have on the store and staff in Burlington. So, if you live close enough to the USA/Canadian border why not just drive down and pick up your small items. Can. Customs has new rules with higher allowances than ever before and most times (providing you haven’t gone crazy) you won’t be paying much, if anything, anyway.

    We live in Richmond BC and would never dream of having anything of low value shipped anyway, because you can also be hit with a brokerage fee which can exceed the value of the goods. I recently found this out after buying an $18CAD item and by the time I was done it had cost me $60+ to receive it through UPS, and their broker.

    For Camping World, I suggest you do not penalize your Canadian shoppers in anyway, as they represent your vast majority, almost your total source of income in these recessionary times. Your employees and management should be thankful and proud to serve us ! Looks like you’d be closing the doors otherwise. (if I can rely on your employees comments)

    It is also noteworthy at this time, to point out that Good Sam does not extend its RV Protection coverage, which insures against breakdown of components and replaces components (with certain deductibles) to Canadian Customers, and I think if the stats above are anything to go by, they are losing a huge amounts in premiums income, and potential revenue, by not doing so. If an American is covered when he comes to Canada with an RV, then why can’ t a Canadian be offered the same reciprocity. Wake up guys !

    All in all we are very pleased with CW and GS clubs and are very happy to be members and cannot say a bad word about either. It is just very bewildering and beyond my comprehension to see revenue potential lost because of ignorant policies and practises which could very easily be changed.

    I can buy on Ebay from anywhere else in the world and have my goods shipped to Canada, but I can’t get you to ship to me from an hours drive away fom where I live – North America.

  4. jim

    always liked camping world for my supplies, now it is even better with free shipping.
    I will always keep my Good Sam membership.

  5. Dee

    Aparently it has to be able to ship UPS to qualify. I wanted to order an 18′ replacement awning fabric and because it can’t ship UPS I would need to pay the shipping. That is what they are telling me over the phone. I have not found that anywhere in print.

  6. David

    The free shipping does not apply to Alaska either. From what I can tell, Camping World will only ship UPS or FedEx overnight or two day air delivery, even though they both now offer ground service to Alaska. USPS does not seem to be an option either. I don’t know how it works to Canada, but I’ve been ordering all my RV supplies from Amazon, which does include Alaska in most of its free shipping offers.

  7. Dave

    I am also a Canadian with memberships in both clubs. The last time I checked, free shipping applies only to the lower 48. Apparently we are again excluded from the benefit!

  8. lary luchinski

    good sam should not exclude it’s canadian members as there is a lot of us!!!!

  9. Rick

    Much like Ken, I am a resident of Canada and am a member of PC and Good Sam, thus discounted shipping, potentially, until you actually go to make a purchase and then are stuck with high shipping costs and brokerage duties. I brought this up to Good Sam staff in Redmond, as well as I notified Marcus via e-mail

  10. Ken Bartlette

    Re: Free shipping if you belong to Presidents Club and Good Sam

    I assume the “Free Shipping” still only applies to the members in the lower 48 States? As I am in Canada I let my Presidents Club membership lapse as the cost of shipping on anything I think about ordering is prohibitive.