Finding a Snowbird Roost

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October 10, 2014

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So you’ve made the decision to head south for winter to bask in the sun while the rest of the continent freezes. Now comes the hard part: selecting your balmy snowbird roost. Fortunately, choice is in rich supply, and for those who like to hop around a bit, a combination of roosts can let you sample entire regions and states.

Here’s some advice for folks heading south for the first time.

The Southern Migration

Many Snowbirds are north-south creatures, meaning those from the Northwest tend to settle in Arizona, Nevada and California; those from the Midwest flock to Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Oklahoma; and those from the Northeast head for North Carolina, Georgia and Florida.

Are you planning on heading directly south from your home location? Or will you cut across the country in a diagonal direction, exploring a whole new longitude? Regardless of your journey, factor in the drive times and travel expenses. You wouldn’t want your snowbird stay to be cut short by time on the road.

While you’re at it, make sure account for the changing weather conditions you’ll encounter on your travels. If you haven’t given yourself enough time to avoid the first frost, plan accordingly. Make sure you allow yourself enough time for cold-weather driving, and bring enough warm-weather clothes to get you through the journey. Carefully plan the stops along the way, and give yourself some time to do some sightseeing on the journey south.

514342063Seeking Your Sunny Destination

Perhaps the biggest consideration should be on what kind of environment you’re looking for, as well what kind of activities you’d like to pursue. Do you crave white sandy beaches and tropical temperatures? Or dry air and rustic frontier homesteads? Perhaps a thriving music and arts scene? Or maybe you’re after a balance of big city fun and small-town charm?

Many communities seem tailor made for snowbirds, complete with popular tourism attractions, spectacular national parks and scenery that’s open year-round. Check out the RV shows, farmers markets, festivals and other events occurring in your prospective destination.

You’re probably familiar with the snowbird hot spots in Arizona, Texas, Florida and California. Keep in mind that you can also find great snowbird roosts in places like Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas. Great snowbird destinations thrive across the Sun Belt; all you have to do is find the one that’s right for your.

Settling Into Your Roost

Once you’ve decided on the region you’d like to visit, consider the RV park where you’d like to while away the winter months. Many of these parks welcome snowbirds with open arms and even schedule special events or social mixers for their winter guests. Many parks also offer amenities and world-class amenities that will keep you in comfort through winter months.

Some RV parks even offer classes for folks eager to learn a new skill or hobby. Come spring, you can impress your friends back home with the things you’ve learned and the photos you’ve brought back with you.

The choice is yours, but remember: You’re on wheels, so take advantage and go exploring. Wherever you land, you’ll find thriving Snowbird parks packed with amenities and an abundance of on-site activities.

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