by Chris Guld

We were recently at a State Park in Georgia (Fort McAllister – a wonderful park) when a fellow traveler advised us that we might want to avoid I-95 on our way south.  “There is a lot of construction on I-95 between here and Florida”, he said.

We heeded his warning, but also have our own reluctance to travel on two lane roads with a lot of stop and go.  So, we decided to check the map on our Droid app phone.  It has a layer you can turn on for Traffic information.  Here’s what we saw:

Hand holding cell phone with map on screen

You can click on the picture for a larger image.  The fat green line going vertical is I-95.  If traffic was moving slowly it would be colored yellow or even red.  This is real time traffic data.

We decided to take I-95 after all.  Yes, there was definitely construction going on, but it did not slow down traffic

The Droid continues to delight and amaze us.  If you have a Motorola Droid from Verizon, you can see this traffic feature by touching the ‘Map’ app icon (it comes with your phone, it’s Google Maps – all free.)  Once the map is displayed, then touch the menu button on the Droid and you’ll see an option for ‘Layers.’  Traffic is one of the layers you can turn on.  Touch it, and you’ll see the green checkmark – and you’ll be back at the map with the traffic data showing up.

If you don’t have the Droid, do you use any other traffic data tool?


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  197. Jim Woodmansee

    Hi Chris,
    I love your articles. I just finished the one about traffic on Droid and wondered if my iPhone has it. It does. I think it uses the same mapping program. You can also “hide traffic” if you want to.
    Jim Woodmansee

  198. TimberTom

    The iPhone also uses Google Maps w/green,yellow,red traffic indicators and is accurately up-to-date.
    Fred Brandeberry,
    The iPhone uses AT&T.

  199. I neglected to mention that I also am also fascinated with the Droid and it’s capabilities. … and I subscribe to the Geeks On Tour website… Good advice and they are current with their advice!
    Safe travels,

  200. Another ‘app’ that I especially enjoy when we are in an unfamiliar environment… (like always, since we are full timers!), is the Yellowbook App. You can speak to it with your query asking it for nearest outboard motor repair shop in my area. It always knows where you are by it’s GPS identity. So it knows what is nearest. I’ve used it for Sees Candies, Laundromats, CVS Pharmacies, ACE hardware, In-and-Out Burgers, etc. RV’ers will especially find this ‘App’ very useful as they travel.
    Happy Trails

  201. The pop-up is cookie based and set to display only once per user providing the cookie is present. If, however, you do not have your cookies enabled, or if you clear your cookies each time you close your browser, then the site will not recognize you as a returning visitor when you come again, and therefore it will display the pop up to you.

  202. terryd

    I, too get the “lurking accusation” box always, no matter whether I’m signed on at home, which is usual, or from a mobile location. I was guessing it was a problem with my browser. Annoying, and sometimes does not go away when clicked off. I miss some articles because I just close and delete after a couple of tries.

  203. ray gilbarte

    regarding the walking hot spot, how fast is it? i am currently using a wireless card from verison. would it be as fast as that?

  204. Forrest,
    Actually your Windows Smart Phone will do something I really envy – become a walking hotspot. Have you seen the software at It turns your phone into an Access Point – kinda like a MiFi. *WAY* cool – but it only works on Windows Mobile.

  205. Chris:
    What is the equivalent Droid in the world of AT&T please?

    Fred b.

  206. Forrest Shelton Clark

    I’m not trying to do a “mine’s as good as yours” kind of posting. I’m interested in the Droid but my current carrier (US Cellular) doesn’t offer it. However, I have a Windows Smart Phone (HTC PPC 6800) and have Google Maps on it and it shows the traffic flow on interstate highways (and, it looks like, local limited access highways as well). I love the Google Map app and use it alongside the GPS (NOT while I’M driving, of course). But thanks for the posting. It reminded me of the utility of Google Maps. I haven’t used it for several months.

  207. Brad Tucker

    I don’t think it it specific to the droid. I have google maps and have noticed that the traffic layer is an option as well, and use the Blackberry Storm. The sattelite view is also awesome. We are planning a trip to the Florida Keys and the google maps app is really nice!

  208. John Gaines

    Also have a Droid. Used it extensively on a trip to Texas recently and it really helped us navigate. You do have to turn Maps on and off to save battery. I also will turn GPS off when not in use to save battery.

    I would also be interested in articles on RV’ing Droid apps.

    I am enjoying your blog!

  209. Yeah, you made me get a Droid too. You ought to be on commission! Tethering working everywhere….even in the outback of the Everglades. I’m keeping Streets & Trips because of screen size and folks on the Droid forum say that it eats the battery so fast in nav mode and will shut down for heat while charging that much.

    Maybe start a section on your site on Droid and Droid apps? I aven’t found any for RV’ing. Steve

  210. Don,
    I haven’t seen Campground Navigator, but I understand your process. THE Droid’s navigation capability is quite impressive, but we won’t be getting rid of our Streets and Trips, or the Garmin Nuvi, any time soon.

  211. Grey,
    About that pop-up asking you to subscribe to I have no control over that – it belongs to All I can do is explain why it pops up even though you already subscribe …. since there is no login required at, the way it knows who you are is by your IP address. IP (Internet Protocol) addresses are assigned by your Internet service – so, when you connect to the Internet at a different location, you are a different person as far as this website is concerned. You should be able to click on the ‘close’ button in the upper right.

  212. Alpenliter,
    It is quite worthless without the pink and green ‘bling’ cover! … I think I paid about $10 for that at a cellphone kiosk in the mall. I had to be sure Jim doesn’t pick up my phone by mistake!

  213. Don Curley

    Read your previous article on the Droid and went down and bought one the next day. Also purchased the PdaNet software and tested it , Droid tethered to my laptop…Great. I love all its capabilities and especially its ability to operate on WiFI. Previously I had purchased, twice, Verizon USB broadband cards while we were on our Xcountry and this last time purchased prepaid time ( $ 50/mo ) Now I am all set for just an additional $ 30/mo on my plan.
    Like the GPS capability also but will only use my system of planning my trip using Campground Navigator on my PC, seeing where I want to go and then use my Garmin Map Source program again on my PC and check ( scroll ) every MILE of the trip on the PC to insure that it takes the precise route I have established. If it doesn’t then I force the route to go on the exact road I want. When completed I down load it into my Garmin 7200 GPS and feel 100% confident that it will take me exactly on the route I want and with no surprises. IT has never failed me going Xcountry twice and countless of other trips.
    Thanks again for the info on the Droid with Verizon.

    Don Curley

  214. Grey Deacon

    Yes, I have a Droid and I am loving it…giving up the Verizon Air Car next week.

    Another Problem…

    When I click on the email and come to this site I am there (here) for a few seconds and then interrupted by Big Lurking Accusation demanding that I sign up for the stuff rather than lurking around. I have to leave here/there and come back in and that is a pain in the … Can you fix this… I get here by clicking on the email you send me so how can I be lurking…I tried to resign up and it told me I was already signed up..


  215. I rushed down to get my Droid after reading your article Chris, but was dissappointed to find that they did not come with the green, pink and black beaded look, so I said “Forget it!” and left.