Good Sam GPS Makes RV Routing Simple

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May 11, 2013

Powered by Rand McNally®, this easy to operate GPS system is packed with features designed especially for the needs of RVers.

Built by Rand McNally especially for the Good Sam Club, this 7″ high definition GPS provides easy, safe routing for RVs or other large vehicles. It also offers a Car mode for use in your tow vehicle or your dinghy for side trips, further expanding its versatility.

As the leader in RV-specific GPS devices, Rand McNally created the Good Sam RVND~ 7725-LM to bring together the best of both worlds-award-winning, RV-specific navigation and content from Rand McNally and the entire database of Good Sam RV Parks, which comes pre-loaded on the GPS. It also includes free lifetime map updates so you can upload the most current mapping information via the Rand McNally Dock™, using the supplied USB cable to connect with your computer.

The system comes loaded with software designed specifically to address the challenges of routing large vehicles and towables. Based on proprietary Rand McNally truck and RV attribute data, routing factors in legal and physical restrictions, type of RV and other factors. Simply select from 11 different classes of recreational vehicle and enter your vehicle’s weight, height and length and if propane is on board.

As the RV GPS plots your route, using the parameters you have entered, it will favor right or left hand turns depending on vehicle size and take into account restrictions on bridges for height or weight limits. It will also avoid routing you through places where propane is prohibited. It can be set to deliver alerts for speed limit changes, sharp curves, unpaved roads and more so you don’t suddenly find yourself in a sticky or dangerous situation. Road construction details are available to help you avoid Orange Barrel Alley.

The Ultimate RV GPS
The Good Sam RVND~ 7725-LM is an ideal RV travel companion. It offers an easy-to-see, full color touchscreen that adjusts for low or strong light; a large speaker that broadcasts loud text-to-speech, turn-by-turn directions, and a rugged design with ridged casing for easy grip. It lets you search by amenities for Good Sam Parks where you may use your exclusive members-only discount to save on camping fees.

It also searches for campgrounds by amenities such as Wi-Fi•, pet-friendliness and more. It finds rest stops and available fuel stations with dumping facilities, propane and diesel fuel plus it searches for travel centers along your route by amenities like dump stations, parking and showers. Wi-Fi capability on the GPS device lets you connect to your phone or a hotspot and overlay weather on your route to help avoid windy or stormy conditions. (The user is responsible for all third party data charges associated with Wi-Fi transmission.) You’ll have access to RV-specific exit information with more than 150,000 locations just off the Interstate, including propane availability, emergency services, stores, restaurants, hotels and more.

Other RV-friendly features include a video input for an optional rear-view or back-up camera, RV checklists and fuel logs to track fuel purchases. Plus it records a “breadcrumb trail” so you can easily find your way back to the campsite after dark. Junction View three-dimensional road views with Lane Assist help you anticipate what’s down the road to more easily navigate exits and intersections. The Quick Planner feature quickly assesses the time, distance and cost for traveling between major cities and is particularly useful for planning side trips. Find pet-friendly parks and beaches, animal hospitals and more, all at a touch.

Handy Extras
Exclusive Rand McNally content is also available on the device to make your trip even more enjoyable and worry-free. All maps show keys for the same map area in Rand McNally’s printed Road Atlas and Motor Carriers’ Road Atlas. Emergency information is listed for each state. You can also review pre-planned trips and “Best of the Road•” stops, complete with photos and videos, making it easier than ever to plan a weekend getaway, take a city side trip or explore a specific region. Choose from 12,000 Editor’s Pick destinations with 2,700 photos and detailed descriptions from Rand McNally editors.

Add custom address book information and points of interest by connecting to the Rand McNally Dock. The Good Sam RVND- 7725-LM GPS, powered by Rand McNally.

Large Vehicles Require the Right Tool for the Job
As Rvers very well understand, maneuvering a large vehicle is quite different from driving a passenger car. Legal restrictions– such as vehicle weight and width, and whether or not propane is on board– must be considered, as well as physical restrictions, such as low clearance like bridges.

In fact, navigating large vehicles such as RVs and commercial buses and trucks  is much more complicated than routing a passenger car.

In March, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) began a campaign to warn truck drivers that using GPS navigation devices meant for smaller vehicles could be dangerous. The FMCSA is urging the use of GPS devices used for large trucks with truck-specific routing. Moreover, the FMCSA will require GPS device training as part of an upcoming recommendation mandating training for all entry-level truck and bus drivers.

Using truck GPS devices is not the answer for RVers. They require their own tool for the job.Commercial trucks follow federal “STAA” routing requirements (rules for the interstates and National Network of roads); RVs are not bound by those regulations and so routing can be substantially different. Accommodating turns for RVs can be more complex than that of trucks–a 40-foot truck has a very different turning characteristic than that of the same length 5th wheel/truck or even a 40-foot Class A RV. And RVs may carry propane–there are propane restrictions for tunnels and bridges specific to bottle sizes, volumes, and the total number of bottles permitted. The Good Sam RV GPS, powered by Rand McNally, was built just for RVers–with restrictions, and routing specific for RVs plus content that addresses RVers’ unique needs on the road (such as exit information, dump stations, propane availability). Using the right tool–an RV specific GPS–will alleviate worry and provide added safety and security to any RV adventure.

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