Desert boondocking 101

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October 8, 2011

If you follow the rest of the snowbirds to the southwestern deserts in winter, you will find that most of them stay in he same RV resort or campground for the entire season. A small number of RVers decide to so some boondocking in the open desert to really experience the desert in its wildness and beauty.
As you roam around and talk to other boondockers you will find more desert boondocking locations than you ever imagined. Many are just places where an RVer has pulled off onto an unnamed, unpaved desert track and found a nice spot behind a hill, overlooking a wash, or hidden in a grove of desert willow or mesquite trees.
Others become popular simply because one boondocker spots another and decides to join and soon there are half a dozen RVers, though they space themselves apart from each other, but still enjoying the proximity of other boondockers. Iff you would like to try this open desert camping, here are some of the basic rules and tips you need to know.
The BLM allows free camping for up to 14 consecutive days out of every 28 days on open land.
After 14 days, you must move at least 25 miles away from your current location and cannot return for another 14 days.
Camping is legal except where specifically prohibited by signs or fences.
No camping within 300 feet of a man-made watering hole or tank to allow wildlife access.
Use existing routes and trails.
Camp at previously used sites.
When there is no danger of rain or flash flooding, camp in washes where signs of camping will wash away.
Pack It In, Pack It Out: Pack out your trash and any that was left by others.
Leave What You Find: Protect cultural resources by leaving all artifacts as you find them.
Leave natural objects and avoid damaging vegetation. Pick a spot that has been camped in before.


By Bob Difley Before flapping your snowbird wings and taking flight to the Southwestern Deserts this winter, you will probably need to make one key decision: whether you want to spend the entire season–or most of it– in the same RV resort or travel about visiting historic locations, ghosts towns, or just to see what the desert has to offer.

If you plan on a single roost, you had better make reservations ASAP since the most popular RV resorts fill up for the season rarely having room for drop-ins. If, however, you plan on wandering around, you will only need to make reservations at the most popular state and national parks ahead of time.

For boondocking, there is always room for another rig–even at Quartzsite where more than a half million RVers pass through in the three months of winter. Most boondockers buy a $180 season pass from the BLM for unlimited camping in any of their Long Term Visitor Areas (LTVA) from September through April 15. You can also buy a two week pass for $40. LTVA are located both north and south of Quartzsite, around Yuma, and in the Southern California desert.

As you roam around and talk to other boondockers you will find more desert boondocking locations than you ever imagined. Many are just places where an RVer has pulled off onto an unnamed, unpaved desert track and found a nice spot behind a hill, overlooking a wash, or hidden in a grove of desert willow or mesquite trees.

boondocking_ltvaOthers become popular simply because one boondocker spots another and decides to join and soon there are half a dozen RVers. Though they space themselves apart from each other, they still enjoy the proximity of other boondockers. If you would like to try this open desert camping, here are some of the basic rules and tips you need to know.

  • The BLM allows free camping for up to 14 consecutive days out of every 28 days on open land.
  • After 14 days, you must move at least 25 miles away from your current location and cannot return for another 14 days.
  • Camping is legal except where specifically prohibited by signs or fences. This may change as the BLM is working on a Travel Management Plan in which they will identify those roads that are legal to drive on. When initiated this may eliminate some boondocking locations.
  • No camping within 300 feet of a man-made watering hole or tank to allow wildlife unhindered access.
  • Use existing routes and trails. Do not blaze new roads.
  • Camp at previously used sites, being careful not to damage vegetation.
  • Pack It In, Pack It Out: Pack out your trash and any that was left by others.
  • Leave What You Find: Protect cultural resources by leaving all artifacts, arrowheads, potsheards, and bones as you find them.

Check out my website for more RVing tips and destinations and for my ebooks, BOONDOCKING: Finding the Perfect Campsite on America’s Public Lands, Snowbird Guide to Boondocking in the Southwestern Deserts (now available in a Kindle version), and 111 Ways to Get the Biggest Bang out of your RV Lifestyle Dollar (also in Kindle version).

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  527. Hey Mike,What a fun post. When we were doing our pop-top mini-van camping we slept at Walmart, Truck stops, seecudld BLM spots, and one very, very cold springtime on our 5 acres. Your post reminded me of all that fun! We just pretended our little pop-up was an rv and no one ever messed with us. When we did that, we had a book (I can’t remember the name or the author) that listed all the free camp spots in the U.S. We found the most out-of-the-way, bizarre, and funny little places to park for the night. Sometimes we’d drive for 20 miles through nowhere to get to a 1 mile stretch that was designated . A lot of it was BLM land.Anyways, in case anyone out there is interested I dug around on Amazon and found a book that may have been the one we had. Here’s the link to it: . It (or whatever version we had) really helped us out!This is a fun series Mike, I’m looking forward to reading the rest and I just went back and got caught up on the first post.

  528. Not obnoxious at all, Robert. Those are good qietsuons. In the next installment of this series I’ll be going into more detail about the various systems, but the quick answer is yes, RVs carry an on-board fresh water supply as well as holding tanks for waste water and human waste, and an electrical system that may or may not include an inverter (basic necessities such as lights and water pump operate directly from 12 volts). I do have an inverter in mine. Also a solar array to keep the battery bank charged, and a gasoline powered generator just in case.How long one can go without dumping and filling is determined by the sizes of the various tanks as well as one’s usage patterns and number of occupants. As for myself, I have a 25 gallon fresh water tank, and 15 gallons each for grey (wastewater) and black (human waste) holding tanks. I can go about two weeks at a time with my current setup. Fuel mileage of most RVs is nothing to brag about. I get 8-10 mpg in mine, even as small as it is, but then again it’s over 30 years old. Newer rigs do a little better. Also a small van might get 18-20 while a bus conversion would be lucky to get 8-10 with a tailwind.

  529. Pingback: » Desert boondocking tips for RVers RV Wheel Life: Julianne Crane writes about recreation vehicle and camping lifestyles, people and destinations

  530. Pat


    Also in the Bishop Area of Taxifornia oops California allows LVTA also.

  531. I love desert camping trips… We have an annual Thanksgiving party in the desert; it is perfect.

  532. Dean – I fixed the link. Thanks for the heads up.

    Jim G – Good luck. Hope you make it to the Southwest someday.

    George – Thanks for the correction. The area north of Quartzsite, Plomosa Road, is a BLM camping area but not an LTVA. Here is a guide to the LTVA and regular BLM camping areas around Quartzsite:

    Quartzsite BLM – Long Term Visitor Areas

    South of I-10, and running on both sides of Route 95 is the La Posa Long Term Visitor Area (LTVA). The La Posa LTVA charge is $40 for a stay of up to 14 consecutive days, or $180 for up to a seven month stay (September 15th – April 15th). The fee entitles you to a plot of desert and use of the trash bins, dump station and a potable water station. The La Posa LTVA is divided into 4 sections:

    La Posa West is just south of the Big Tent where the RV show is held – a walkable distance.
    Across the street from the West section is the North section of the La Posa LTVA, also walkable depending on how far north you park your rig.
    Further south along the west side of Route 95 is the Tyson Wash section.
    And to the south of the North section is the South section.

    Quartzsite BLM – Free Camping

    Free camping not to exceed 14 days in a 28-day period is permitted in non-fee Quartzsite BLM areas. These areas are a bit further away from the four corner intersection of Quartzsite:

    Plomosa Road: Take 95 north of Quartzsite to the Plomosa Road turnoff and turn right. The free camping is on the north and south sides of Plomosa Road.
    Hi Jolly/MM112: Head about 3 miles north of Quartzsite on US Highway 95 at mile marker 112 on right side.
    Dome Rock Mountain: West from Quartzsite about 6 miles. Take 1-10 west to the Dome Rock exit. Camping is south of the Frontage Road (Kuehn Street).
    Scaddan Wash: About 3.5 miles east of Quartzsite. Take the 1-10 Frontage Road from the mile marker 19 exit east. The camping area is south of the Frontage Road (Kuehn Street).
    Road Runner: This Quartzsite BLM camping area is on the west side of US 95, about 5 miles south at mile marker 99 on US Highway 95.

  533. unfortunately there is no ltva’s north of quartzsite, the only places north of town is 2 week areas, but there is 4 ltva’s just south of town by 1 mile, and also farther south near yuma near the marine base and as well as just over the california line in yuma. i have spent 18 years going to quartzsite area.

    unkown to many is just 39 miles north east from quartzsite is bouse, az. which has some two week areas which are another jurisdicyion from the ltvas and has no ranger that even visits that area. many spend the whole winter there right out side of town going way over 2 weeks.

  534. Jim G

    Although I am geographically far away from being able to consider boondocking in the southwest doing so certainly seems to me as what RV camping should be all about vs. the crowded private campgrounds where you can hear everything going on inside and outside at an adjacent campsite. A half-million RVers visiting Quartsite during a season is quite impressive, hopefully someday I can count myself among that group.

  535. Dean

    111 Ways to Get the Biggest Bang out of your RV Lifestyle Dollar

    this link on your page does not work.
    Advise when corrected please.