space saverIs your RV all set for summer camping? There are so many great ideas for decorating your RV to create style and save space.  Whether its just a sink cover, installing a new drawer, or collapsable bowls, Camping World has the largest online RV supply store to help kick-start all of your RV shopping needs. Start searching here to check out some great ideas for collapsible trash systems, new mattress toppers and lots more.

The items that most excite me are the ones that are space-saving or space-creating since RVs can tend to feel pretty cramped when fully packed for camping. Also, as a coupon and sales fanatic, I always focus on the items that have an online special going. In my experience, it pays to buy when an item is on sale and right before you will be using it!


trashOne of my favorite options is the Trash-Ease, which allows you to free up space from having a trash can on the floor and instead provides a mount so you can hook your trash on the edge of a counter top and simply put any garbage bag in it.



clotheslineThe Bumper Mount RV Clothesline, is another great addition that makes towel-drying while camping a cinch! Whether you need to dry your towels after a swim in the pool, lake, ocean, or shower, this versatile clothesline is collapsible for between uses and is very handy to have for hanging your swim suits, wet suits, and towels to dry while camping. The convenience of having a Bumper Mount Clothesline creates a space that is perfect for drying those towels that usually end up slung over a mirror or on the backs of camping chairs.  The clothesline on your bumper removes all of that clutter from around your campground and allows for a normally unusable space to be usable!  


stove cover

Another option to create more counter top space in your RV is to get the Decor-Mate Stove Topper, which allows you to use the space your stove takes up as additional counter-top space when your stove is not in use. This item is vastly popular and has gotten many great reviews. Did I mention it also happens to be on special for $20 off? Have fun and get creative when decorating your RV, it’s your home!

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  1. Added stand alone air conditioner vent out side window. Great when you are not parked in shade.

  2. Added stand alone air conditioner vent out side window. Great when you are not parked in shade.

  3. We love the collapsible bowls! They are such a space saver in the RV and you can also get colanders and even pet bowls. Such a good idea!