keylessElectronic keypad RV entry is an option that is definitely worth purchasing. No, not the key fob that electronically unlocks the door or arms the alarm system, we are talking about a user keypad that locks and unlocks the entry door.

While there is nothing wrong with key fob entry for your car, your RV may require entry by your family members without the need to be confined to locating the key holder. Each member of your family can exit and enter without the risk of losing the key or the need to locate the key holder. Conventional key operation is available on all models should the unit need to be overridden due to a dead battery or other system failure.

Electronic keypad locks have been a lifesaver is some emergency circumstances.  One such situation involved a couple that had left their pet in their RV for the afternoon in a campsite. While out that day, they were involved in a serious automobile accident. They were transported to a local hospital where they would both be held at least until the following day. Thanks to their recently installed electronic keypad, the wife was able to contact the RV park. Giving them the code, they were able to let the dog out that night and following morning.  Additionally they could make sure the family pet had food and adequate water. The dog was united with its family later the following day and all were healing well.

This can be ordered as an option on some new coach models, or can be ordered and installed as an after-market upgrade at a later date. It can be user installed if one has the patience and some skills, or can be put in by a qualified servicing distributor near you.

This feature can be a great upgrade to any coach. It would mean no more need to carry keys down to the beach or pool. No need to have to wait for a key holder to arrive back from the beach.  Increased safety for “Fido,” should he need help, providing you have phone contact with anyone in the RV park.

So check it out to see if this electronic keypad RV entry/locking system would benefit you, your family and recreational vehicle.  Stay safe and enjoy.

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  1. This is an especially great idea because it helps you avoid losing the RV entrance keys as well. If you're out hiking, kayaking, playing sports, or just enjoying the outdoors, it can be easy to lose your keys.

    Plus, you can always change the code should it ever become compromised. Thanks for the great article!