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Keep tabs on your RVs roof to prolong its life

RV rubber roofs get punished by the elements on a regular basis. From the sun’s brutal UV rays to the freezing temperatures of winter, Mother Nature has no shortage of weapons to hurl at your prized vehicle.

Don’t take it lying down. Instead of resigning yourself to the ravages of nature, take action to protect your roof from damage.

The first step is to be informed. Check your owner’s manual for the soap or detergent required to clean the roof. You should clean your roof several times a year, and regularly clear unwelcome passengers like leaves, tree sap and branches.

You should also regularly inspect the roof closely. Check out the seams, vent openings and other places where your roof is potentially vulnerable. Look closely for cracks or gaps that might lead to bigger problems.

As always, be careful when climbing atop your vehicle’s roof. This tricky journey can be a lot harder than it seems, and if you don’t feel that you’re 100 percent up for this task, allow your local RV technician to do the inspection. The extra cost is worth avoiding a potentially life threatening injury.

If you or an RV professional sees a problem with your roof, make sure that you repair it with a sealant that’s compatible with the roofing material. Again, using the correct product us crucial in ensuring that your roof has a long and healthy life.

If you plan on storing your vehicle for a long period of time, consider a vehicle cover to shield your RV from the elements. This investment can save you big dollars in the long run by keeping your roof in good shape for years to come.

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