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Mark My Words: JULY – Holes in the Roof, Stuck Dump Valves and Hose Fittings

Hi All! This month we’ve got holes in the roof, stuck dump valves and hose fittings, and some other common maintenance issues. Have a great summer RVing and be sure to send your RVing questions to [email protected]! Hi Mark. We had a large branch break off the top of a tree and spear through the

Mark My Words – April: Furnaces, Fiberglass and Fridges

    Hi, folks. I have some interesting maintenance questions and answers for you this month. I hope you are out there enjoying some great Spring RVing! Remember to send your RVing questions to [email protected]. ————————————————– Hi Mark, We have a 2008 Montana fifth wheel that has many of its decals peeling. Is there an

RV Cleaning Tips: Exterior

Nothing stays clean for long including your recreational vehicle. A recently washed RV just begs for a thunderstorm or sand storm to blow through. Regular RV cleaning is important for the maintenance and longevity of your RV. The following are a few RV cleaning tips to use the next time you clean and maintain your

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Care for Your RVs Roof

Keep tabs on your RVs roof to prolong its life RV rubber roofs get punished by the elements on a regular basis. From the sun’s brutal UV rays to the freezing temperatures of winter, Mother Nature has no shortage of weapons to hurl at your prized vehicle. Don’t take it lying down. Instead of resigning