Camping World to Honor Veterans by Flying Vast American Flags at SuperCenters

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March 31, 2014

Amer-FlagCamping World, the nation’s largest RV and outdoor retailer, and Good Sam, the world’s largest RV owners organization, announces a new project to install massive American flags at various Camping World SuperCenters across the country to honor veterans. The enormous flags are 30×60’ or 40×80’, depending on zoning regulations, and the poles are 130’ tall. In many cases these will be the largest flying American flags in the surrounding area.

“Our company places extreme pride and value on our country and its veterans. A large percentage of our employees and also customers are veterans, and we want to honor them, their dedication to our country and to our local communities,” said Marcus Lemonis, Chairman and CEO of Camping World and Good Sam. “By making this proud statement, our goal is to bring local communities together in celebration of everything that has been accomplished by veterans for our country.”

Camping World welcomes veterans and the local community to attend the formal flag raising ceremony at SuperCenters that install the American flags. Employees are demonstrating their pride and excitement by going a step further to personalize the ceremonious procedure, such as having employees sign the gold ball topper on the flag pole.

By flying these American flags Camping World undertakes large responsibility, as the costly flags will require a great amount of work and maintenance, such as bringing flags in during severe weather and performing consistent examinations for rips and tears. In many instances, flag responsibilities will be designated to a specific employee to ensure the SuperCenter stays on top of flag upkeep.

Camping World SuperCenters in Tucson, AZ, New Braunfels, TX, Jacksonville, FL, Redding, CA and Lubbock, TX are among the first locations to display these massive American flags.  Upcoming locations that are slated to raise these flags include Mesa, AZ, Coburg, OR, Ocala, FL, Valencia, CA, Meridian, ID and Lake Park, GA with many more to follow.

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