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June 24, 2008

One of the most delightful aspects of RV ownership and our Long Long Honeymoon has been discovering the variety of environments in which we can camp.

When we first started shopping for our travel trailer, Kristy and I were motivated by the prospect of college football tailgating. In the Deep South, tailgating has been raised to a high art form; the well-equipped RV is its ultimate creative expression. Little did we realize that so many purposes other than tailgating would emerge. Ironically, although we’ve done an outrageous amount of camping, we have yet to take our Airstream to a football game! But after more than a year of ownership, we’ve taken our RV just about everywhere else.

We’ve camped in friends’ driveways and in Wal-Mart parking lots. We’ve camped in national, state, and city parks. We’ve camped in public and private campgrounds. We’ve camped in the mountains, we’ve camped alongside majestic canyons, and yes, as today’s video demonstrates – we’ve camped on the beach.

Airstream RV Blog #62 – Camping on the Beach from Sean Michael on Vimeo.

This video showcases a spectacular beach camping site in Destin, Florida. Camping on the beach is as enjoyable as you might imagine. You can’t get any closer to the Gulf of Mexico. Every evening you are serenaded to sleep by a backdrop symphony of crashing ocean waves. And that white powder sand that gets scattered throughout every nook and cranny of your RV? In the months to come, you’ll see it and smile, since it serves as a reminder of those fond memories.

Filmed in late December 2007, this video also spotlights the spirit and optimism that accompanies a new year. As of today’s posting, the year 2008 is almost exactly half completed. How have you done so far this year? Have you kept your resolutions? Have you “seized the day” and made the most of every opportunity? Have you used your RV, or have you let it gather pollen and dust? Are you busy converting some of your dreams into reality?

Folks, we have six months left before this year is in the bag. I’m starting a new tradition and making a “mid-year resolution.” I’m going to sit down with my wife and make plans for the remainder of our year. The details will be subject to discussion, but rest assured that very soon, our RV will be kept very busy.

When making plans for the future, always remember: a little bit of the future arrives every day.

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  3. Dev, thanks for sharing your story! I will pass your comments along to Kristy, but you sound like a pretty great spouse yourself. Life really is all about the fulfillment of dreams (one suspects that’s what Thomas Jefferson had in mind when he wrote of the “pursuit of happiness”). I’m sure you are a little bit nervous and a whole lot excited. Here’s wishing you the best of luck on your adventure. And yes, be sure to pack your sense of humor!

    Thanks TJ, we always enjoy Camping on the Gulf. Back when we first got our Airstream, it was among our first destinations. We’ve been back 2 or 3 times since. It’s tough to beat that location!

  4. TJ

    A good time was had by all…. We have been to Camping on the Gulf and it is gorgeous!! What a great park. Anytime I begin to miss it I just take their tour at – a wonderful site that shows parks in full screen detail. We have stayed at quite a few of these parks and they never disappoint.

    Enjoy your travels and keep up the great blogging….

  5. Dev Johnson

    We are in the process of making my husband’s dream come true! When I met him 25 years ago, he was planning to retire at age 45 and travel the country in his RV. Well, he’s now 63 and just retiring. But we are going on the road full time! We just sold our house 2 weeks ago and I am packing, selling “stuff”, and trying to get our lives ready for this adventure! Am I scared and anxious??? Yes, but it will be worth everything to see him realize the elusive dream he has had for so long. Wish us luck!

    Love your posts. Your wife is a real trooper! with a good sense of humor. That really helps!!!