Campground Advice – Part 2 – Tips from Bernice

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June 25, 2008

As a continuation from Part 1, you will find here a few more tips on how to select and take full advantage of the campground, as well as little tricks for special circumstances. If you have any comments, please post them, they are very welcome.

  • Use a directory, such as the Trailer Life Directory for Campgrounds, RV Parks & Services to locate campgrounds. Directories let you know campsite sizes as well as activities and facilities. They also give clear directions to campgrounds.
  • With over 16,000 public and private campgrounds in the United States, RVers have lots of choices. Once you choose a campground, you still have some decisions to make. Some campgrounds allow campers to choose their own campsites. In addition, you’ll probably be asked whether you want full hookups or just water and electricity. Some campgrounds offer cable television hookup. Keep in mind that all these amenities will affect the price you pay.
  • Many campgrounds near highways offer recreation rooms, swimming, hiking, perhaps a lake, and sometimes planned weekend activities. Resorts that cater to long-term residents, on the other hand, offer guests a busy calendar of daily programs-exercise, painting, music, and other activities. Often a full-time leader plans social events.
  • Keep all your campground membership cards together in the glove compartment so they’re handy when you register at a campground. Also, you won’t have to carry them in your billfold or purse.
  • If your travel schedule is such that you arrive early at a campground, let the office staff know that you will not stay longer than 24 hours overall.
  • Most campgrounds have a night registration procedure so that if you arrive after the office is closed, you can choose a site and pay in the morning.
  • If a campground is full and you cannot camp in an overflow area, ask the office staff to refer you to another campground that has space.
  • Expect to find places without full hookups. Know how to boondock, or dry camp (camp without any hookups). Always keep a sufficient supply of fresh water and leave empty space in the gray and black water tanks.

This is what I have for today, Happy Camping, and I’ll be back with more…

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