Better Storage

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August 23, 2011

Our new motorhome has lots of basement storage space but one compartment is only 26 inches
deep.As an alternative to using stackable storage tubs, I inserted in our basement bin two off-the-shelf 21x21x21-inch wire-basket frames, available in the shelving section of home-improvement stores.

Each frame can hold from one to four sliding baskets. For one frame, I chose 7-inch and 11-inch-deep baskets and one 3-inch-deep basket. The other frame holds two 7-inch-deep baskets and one 3- inch-deep basket. All baskets are 20 inches square. The basement bin measured 46x23x26 inches, and this storage frame setup leaves me with room on the side, top and rear for more seasonal items. Now I can find and access my stored items quickly and with much greater ease.


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