Top: Vesta Countertop Dishwasher; Bottom: Vesta built-in washer. RV dishwashers

RV Dishwashers — coming clean on available options.

Dishwashers have been popular options offered in Class A motorhomes and large trailers for years. But are these “must-haves” worth the space that they occupy?

Generally, RV manufacturers install drawer-type washers or conventional door models. Both work well in the RV application. One drawback to the drawer-type is the need of 120 AC power to allow it to be opened. This is to avoid sliding open on the road. The door-type generally rely on a standard mechanical lock. There are also some countertop units are available for aftermarket use.

RV dishwashers are generally compact and efficient in both power usage and water consumption. On the conventional side, models like the Vesta built-in Dishwasher handle up to 4.2 gallons and can wash up to six, four-piece place settings.

Countertop dishwashers like the Vesta Countertop Washer can be set up fairly easily, connecting to the kitchen faucet. The Vesta Countertop has similar capacity to its built-in counterpart. One of the downsides of countertop models: they occupy surface space that could otherwise be used for food prep.

RV Dishwashers — Cleaning and Storage

While it’s true that a galley-mounted dishwashers take up some of the RV’s limited storage space, they can serve a purpose when not running: The otherwise empty internal racks can store some dinnerware, flatware or perhaps other loose items while on the road. It can also keep the sink clear of dirty dish clutter between meals and throughout the day.

While on the road or dry camping, you must use your water somewhat more sparingly. Washing dishes by hand after each meal consumes substantially more water than employing a dishwasher once every day or two. In addition, the heated internal wash water cleans and sanitizes your dishes and utensils consistently every time.

So, is the price tag for the optional dishwasher worth it?

I think so, especially when you add in the resale value and the potential buyer desire.

Peter Mercer — With an Option Opinion

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