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Mark My Words-Tire Pressure, Exhaust Vents and Driving with Your Propane On!

Hi, All. This month I’ll open the proverbial bag-o-worms by discussing driving with your propane on. Also, we’ll cover some tire issues and misc. I hope you enjoy reading along, and remember to submit your RV question to [email protected].  Happy trails! ——————————————————————————–   Mark: How do you determine if you have the correct tire pressure

RV Tech Tip: Awning Rod Storage

I got tired of having to hunt for my awning rod, which had the habit of becoming buried under the other items in my largest outside storage compartment, the only compartment long enough to store it in. If you’re having a similar problem, this RV tech tip can help. I cut two short pieces (about

GMAC Storage Tips

How to store your RV in the winter so you’ll by happy next spring. A few hours spent winterizing your RV will pay big dividends when the weather turns nice again. And don’t forget to check your insurance policy for possible savings while your RV is in storage—that could pay big dividends as well. Here