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Overhead shot of corn on green dish.

Elote Love: Instant Pot Mexican-Style Street Corn

If you’ve never had elote, you’re missing out! This zesty and creamy corn dish is a popular Mexican street food that’s often sold in food trucks and restaurants. Elote transforms your regular, boring corn on the cob into a delicious side dish with lime, chili and cheesy flavors. Elote is typically grilled, and this recipe

Camping Cocktails — three cocktails in a row, with margarita glass in the middle.

3 Camping Cocktails for Outdoor Happy Hour

You’ve had a great day exploring, the crickets are chirping, and you’re kicking back around the campfire in the evening. It’s time for camping cocktails! But what are your options when you’re parked away from civilization? Limited space in your RV means you’re probably not bringing along an entire home bar, but that doesn’t mean

Watermelon quarter with a bowl fo salsa ingredients.

Try Refreshing Watermelon Salsa for a Summer Camping Treat

There are some things that are just better in summer, like swimming in a lake, spending long evenings outside and eating your fill of watermelon! This juicy and refreshing fruit is the perfect way to cool off on those hot summer days. But instead of basic and plain watermelon, why not skip the typical slices

Fork stabbing into pasta salad.

Caprese Pasta Salad Is a Cool Camping Appetizer

Summer is almost here and it’s time to break out the picnic-friendly recipes! Pasta salads are one of those warm-weather staples that are great for summer BBQs, campsite happy hours and even backyard camping. They’re easy to throw together and are always a crowd-pleaser. But unlike heavier pasta salads with mayonnaise-based dressings, we’ve got a

A cup of gooey cake with s'mores bars and dip

S’more to Love! 3 Tasty Variations on a Dessert Favorite

Let’s be honest, s’mores are one of the best things about camping. There’s something about the mix of crunchy graham crackers, gooey chocolate and toasty marshmallows that go together so perfectly. It’s like these flavors were just meant to be combined! And roasting them over the campfire is a favorite pastime of both kids and

A variety of holiday sweets in a bowl

4 No-Bake Holiday Desserts You Can Make in Your RV

Spending the holidays in your RV doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the sugary treats that this time of the year brings. While RV ovens can be temperamental, there are plenty of delicious desserts you can make that don’t require baking. All of these treats can be made by using the stovetop