A Camping World Experience

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December 10, 2013

Hello Marcus,

Recently, my wife, Sandy, and I helped our son, Larry, shop for a camp trailer. Larry can’t hear or speak, but he’s a safe driver, has worked for Safeway stores for over 25 years and is fairly independent. Larry is 52 years old and still lives at home. We stopped by Camping World after my neighbor bought a nice motorhome from you and spoke well of your business.

I will be 72 years old in January, so I’ve been around the block a couple of times. I can say that my purchasing experience at Camping World was the best I’ve had in my many years of buying. Larry and I will be using the camp trailer for hunting each year, and there may be a few other things to do and places we will want to visit.

Because of past experiences, I can be a bit suspicious of sales floor people, particularly in a large sales outlet like Camping World. Finding a quality camp trailer at a reasonable price was not what I expected, but it’s definitely how it worked out. I’m finding it hard to believe how fair the price was and how absolutely perfect our new camp trailer is for the things that we want to do.

If there is one thing that stands out, it’s the people at Camping World. Everyone we spoke to, including the receptionist, was friendly and took good care of us. Ken Berard, the salesman, dealt with us directly as we looked around at the trailers sold by Camping World. Larry and I want to say “thank you” to him.

David Stuelpnagel, the manager, likewise provided a nice experience for us as we finalized our purchase. The last details often make people like me get nervous, but David handled things in a way that set me at ease. He was easy to talk with and knowledgeable. It was easy to see that he was being straightforward and honest, while, at the same time, I could see that he wanted us to be comfortable dealing with Camping World.

Because my son has some disabilities to deal with, it would be entirely fair to say that we required extra attention, phone calls and, in general, an extra effort to help us get what we needed. That has a lot to do with our positive feelings toward Ken and Dave and our experience at Camping World.

Ours was a relatively small purchase, yet I could see that because of my son’s special needs, we received thoughtful and careful attention—perhaps even more so than folks making a much larger purchase. Thanks so very much for the way we’ve been treated at Camping World!


Larry  L

Camas, Washington

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