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Cold Weather RVing: The Right Glycol for Your Diesel

Anti-freeze is used in most every automobile and truck-replicating engine throughout the world. Even in hot climates, quality glycol keeps the engine cooler as it transfers heat more efficiently than just water. Additionally, additives to prevent corrosion are present to some degree in all. But when it comes to diesel or gas engines, glycol is

7 Diesel-Pusher Mistakes to Avoid

Diesel pusher motorhomes are hardy vehicles, but they’re not indestructible. Here’s a list of seven potentially damaging diesel pusher mistakes that owners should avoid. 1) Fueling from both sides at the same time. Most diesel pushers (DPs) have fuel ports on both sides. Truck fuel stations generally have a master pump on one side with

RV Fuel Gremlins — the Onboard Fuel Eaters

  Related Posts: Hidden Factors Wheel Factors Environmental Factors The Human Factor RV Fuel Gremins — Onboard RV fuel wasters. Part IV in a Series. Your motorhome’s engine-fuel consumption is primarily determined by how much horse power and torque you need. The more you use, the more fuel you will burn. But the power your