I know it seems that everyone is on the way to The Rally here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. But some folks, for a variety of reasons, are unable to make it this weekend. So here is what I propose.

How about a personal video update from me to you? Log on to Facebook or Twitter (http://www.facebook.com/Brian-Brawdy or http://twitter.com/brianbrawdy) and let me know, in 140 characters or less, what you would like to see from here at The Rally and why. Each day, starting Thursday, I will randomly choose a few suggestions and then post a video update to you on RV.net.

Maybe there is an event or a new product you would like to see, perhaps an old friend you want to check in with. IT IS UP TO YOU!

Keep your Facebook posts & tweets coming throughout the weekend.

In case you are new to Facebook or Twitter, this is a great reason to join! They’re both easy, fast and free!


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  4. A.W.Walker

    Incidently, old bud, I noticed you changed the word ‘purpose’ to ‘propose’ on the original post. Nice touch! No attribution, though. LOL.

  5. A.W.Walker

    Brian, my friend, I think you can clearly see that my text is not at all an “in-depth critique” of the on-line services! Not in-depth at all, but I’ve accessed those services, used them, and have legitimate concerns about identity security around using them, as other informed patrons may have.

    Humbly speaking, I did not intend to, and did not raise a spelling ‘catch’ with your text. But clearly, the words ‘purpose’ and ‘propose’, as you know from your language courses, are completely different and have different meanings. ‘Purpose’ means one thing; ‘propose’ means another. Different words; not different spellings. I’m more interested in the clarity of your writing, and what you want me to do with it. As a writer, I’m sure you realize that. As a reader, I vote for video on a blog. I appreciate your openness and integrity.
    Sadly, I cannot get to Albuquerque now due to family needs back here in Texas.
    Best Regards,

  6. Hi Brian, My wife and I will be docking between 8-11 tomorrow in Lot #1. Look for the Vectra with lic# XANGO X and stop by.

    Jerry Shea

  7. Thank you so much for the spelling catch and your in-depth critique of Facebook and Twitter. Would you like that Blog to contain video? And if so, I owe you one. What would you like to see? Any chance you are in Albuquerque for The Rally?

    Thanks again,

  8. A.W.Walker

    Your quote: “So here is what I purpose.”

    My friend; a gentle nudge, but I think you meant to say, “propose”, not “purpose”. As a regular reader of the blog.rv.net articles, I appreciate your personal touch and this poll immensely!

    Now, if this is your open proposal, then my response would be that I don’t wish to sign up for Facebook, since that outlet allows for way too much personal identity leakage potential….for both you and me, and your audience.

    Way too much risk for me when I have to sign up, then set up a personal page for me in order to get to be “friends” with you. By design, my info automatically gets shared with whomever links back to you on Facebook. Plus, at that point, Facebook itself has all the personal info from all your ‘friends’, including me.

    I don’t know a thing about Twitter, but I would not ever expect any quality communications coming from less than 140 characters, either inbound or outbound. That’s an average of less than fourteen or so words…a couple of sentences, max. And then, I guess Twitter can also acquire personal information about us.

    How about your just using a blog to give us your impressions?

    Thanks for the chance to feed back into your decision-making.
    Best Regards,

  9. what is different from Redmond Ralley?