Resetting RV Window – How To

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April 14, 2009

In this video clip Stew Oleson and Bill Gehr will show you how to reseal and reset your windows. It is important to reseal and reset your windows so it doesn’t leak between the walls and get wood rot.

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  2. Yes, I prefer to use Dicor or any quality self leveling RV/Marine sealant.
    Silicone can make a path for leaks, and is terrible to try to remove. Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  3. Stew

    I thought that silicone was not the reccommended material to use as a sealant as it contained talc which can absorb water. I had read that RTV was a more appropriate sealant for windows. Maybe you can clarify this for us.

  4. clarke

    You guys did fantastic job. Video clip sure help a lot. I may have to work on one window that has leaking. Thanks for the tip.