Wipers Wipeout!

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June 24, 2011

Good Sam member Clair Krone York

Customer letter:

Dear Good Sam:

As a life member I hope you can help me. This past September my wife and I were at Lake Hood Camping Resort in Myrtle Beach S. C. My windshield wipers failed during the trip to Lake Wood. I asked someone in the office as to whom I could call for service. Dixie Mobile was suggested.

The service was a complete failure. As you read the cover letter attached you will see what I mean. I have sent three letters to Dixie Mobile with no response. A follow up phone call was not answered. Each letter contained everything included.

The workmanship was poor; the cost was more than double what it should have been. I would appreciate anything you might be able to do for me.


Clair Krone York, PA


December 2010

Dixie Mobile Repair

Surfside, S.C.

Dear Manager:

My name is Clair Krone and I own a 1999 Allegro Bus. On a trip to Myrtle Beach in September, my windshield wiper broke. Upon arriving at Lakewood Camping Resort I inquired at the office who I might contact to repair the wipers. They suggested I call your firm, which I did.

When your tech arrived he looked over the situation. After a long period of time he indicated that he would have to replace the whole inside assembly including the motor. It took 4-5 days before he received the parts from Red Bay. I could have called Red Bay, Ala. and received the parts overnight.

Finally he arrived with the parts and began to work. Things seemed to move very slowly. At one point he sat in his truck for 45 minutes waiting for a phone call about how to do a particular task. I gave him the phone number of the Tiffin factory. He did call them but in the end was still not sure about the item in question. This whole process of diagnosis and fixing the wipers took longer than it should have taken. When he finished he presented us with the bill, which seemed very high, but we paid it.

We returned to Pennsylvania and continued to use the coach. We had no reason to use the wipers for about 6 weeks after getting home. Finally one weekend on our way to a Penn State football weekend it started to rain. I turned the wipers on. After moving about 5 inches or less they jammed and froze. They loosened briefly and then threw themselves to the outside of the windshield and froze. They could not be moved. I was forced to drive the next 90 minutes in rain without the wipers working. Not Fun and Dangerous! Fortunately we did not need the blades for the remainder of football season.

After the season ended I took the coach to Harbold RV where I have dealt before. I had several items to be done including the wiper problem. The results of their efforts are listed on the accompanying sheets.

As you can see the original work was very poorly done. Your tech certainly was not trained well enough to handle this job. Paying $1153.88 for this work is not acceptable. Therefore I respectfully request reimbursement for the amount of the wiper repairs noted on Harbold’s invoice ($632.48). I have included all the information from Tiffin on what this job involved. Maybe it will be of use to you in the future.

Action Line:

Dear Clair:

We received a phone call today from Shane at Dixie Mobile Repair concerning the “Action Line” complaint I filed on your behalf. He stated that he offered you a refund for the entire bill, not just the amount you requested in your letter. We hope this brings a satisfactory conclusion to your complaint.

Action Line

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  1. Bill

    Dear Good Sam,

    I have been a member of emergency roadservice for about 20 years. Your program has been very reassuring to me on my many road trips. However, I had a transmission failure many years ago up the long grade into Williams AZ heading to Flagstaff. We were able to limp into Flagstaff where the transmission completely failed and we had come to a stop. Coincidently I stopped right in front of a repair fascility, but hey did not do trnasmissions and recommended a local well known company. I immediately phoned your offices. You sent out a tow and I asked to go to this recommended company. Your tow driver recommended someone else who was also local. I took his advice and we went there, which was only a couple of miles too. After getting there, I saw and heard the driver and owner laughing about how they scammed me into going there instead. I had my wife and 1 year old in the RV too so I was somewhat limited in my options especially in the 100+ degree AZ temperatures. The company pulled out the transmission, thereby guaranteeing I could not leave, and then doubled the price originally quoted and insisted on cash, no credit cards or checks accepted. This was a total scam brought on by your hired tow service. I should have called and complained to you right then, but I was young and inexperienced. Your company needs to be more careful who they work with.