VIDEO: The Beauty of Boondocking with Bob Difley

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April 23, 2009

This past week at The Rally, I had an opportunity to spend a few minutes with my friend and teacher, Bob Difley. We talked about boondocking, dry camping, conservation and exploration.

As you will soon see, Bob is as passionate as he is knowledgeable.

[youtube OuxS2iGlPzE]

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  2. hoppe

    Bit disapointed. Thought we might at least hear a refresher of some interesting info. The intro was good, but where’s the meat of the subject. Don’t mean to be a grouch but hits of this nature, have no real info to offer and are becoming too prevalent. Hope you all can turn this trend around. It could be a very informative forum.

  3. A.W.Walker

    Brawdy, ole bud…..Ya gotta slow down some, son. A little less caffeine, maybe. A few of us who are north of 60 just need to con-g-u-tate. Maybe settle down on your message before you sweep us completely off our feet with your enthusiasm and into the megasphere. Whew…what an energizer bunny you are. Slow down, son. Save it for RVrs who have racier desires. Let’s get to your intellectual message. Ok?