The RV Trivia Challenge 9. Are You Up To It?

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February 4, 2010


Welcome to the first Lug_Nut RV Trivia Challenge of 2010.

The Lug_Nut RV Trivia Challenge No. 9 series will test your skills on a variety of RV related topics.  As usual whenever a broad base of topics are presented, it becomes difficult to know the answers for all the questions.  Please remember, this is trivia, requiring some guess work on occasion.   Get a pen and paper so that you can record your answers.  Upon completion, you can check your answers with those shown at the bottom.  Good luck.

So, Let’s go!

1) What is the largest RV producer in the world?

A)   Winnebago Company

B)    Airstream Trailer

C)    Monaco Coach

D)   Thor Industries

E)    Fleetwood Manufacturing

2) Travelling with your RV throughout the United States can offer many attractions.  States with the full name beginning with the letter “N” are common.  How many states do start with the letter “N”?

A)   4

B)    5

C)    6

D)   7

E)    8

3) If you wanted to camp overlooking the body of water that boasts the highest tides in the world, what body of water would you be viewing?

A)   Bay of Fundy

B)    San Francisco Bay

C)    Tampa Bay

D)   The Gulf of St. Lawrence

E)    Biscayne Bay

4) One of the pleasures of travelling by RV is having everything with you.  At a rest stop you can make up a snack and a “Cup of Joe”.  Of course a cup of Jo, or Joe, is coffee, but where did it get this name?

A)   U.S. Trade Secretary Josephine Parker

B)    U.S. Navy Secretary Admiral Josephus Daniels.

C)    Columbian Trade Minister Joseph Uban

D)   Coffee shop giant Joe Gardner

E)     Boxer Joe Louis

5th wheel


5) The recommended drawbar weight on a tow behind trailer is about 10% of the total tow weight.  What is the recommended weight for a fifth wheel hitch?

A)   0 to 10% of total trailer weight.

B)    5 to 15% of total trailer weight.

C)    10 to 15% of total trailer weight.

D)   15 to 25% of total trailer weight.

E)    20 to 35% of total trailer weight.




6) A great RV destination is the Lake Coeur d’Alene area.  Along with it’s mountains and clear water, Lake Coeur d’Alene boasts of one of the only true floating golf greens.  What state would you find this in?

A)   Idaho

B)    Nevada

C)    Arizona

D)   New Mexico

E)    Kentucky

7) Allison Transmissions can be found throughout the world in applications ranging from trucks to military tanks.  Many RV’s and tow vehicles also rely on Allison.  Who owns Allison Transmissions?

A)   International Navistar

B)    Freightliner

C)    Carlyle and Onex

D)   Caterpillar Inc.

E)    General Motors

8) Though not as scenic, interstate highways provide the ability to travel from one place to another faster.  Approximately, how many miles of interstate highways are in the continental United States?

A)   25,000 miles.

B)    31,000 miles.

C)    42,000 miles.

D)   61,000 miles

E)    21,800 miles.

Trivia 9A


9) The picture to the left is of the U.S.S. Constitution.  In what city would you be visiting to see this?

A)   New York

B)    Boston

C)    Halifax

D)   Los Angeles

E)    Charleston

Carson Mansion210) Completed in 1886, the Carson Mansion represents the most photographed Victorian building in the United States.  This fascinating structure is visited by many RV’ers travelling a famous scenic route.  What area would you be touring to see this?

A)   Route 1 the Pacific Highway California.

B)    Route 66 in Colorado

C)    Going To The Sun Road in Wyoming

D)   The Blue Ridge Parkway in Tennessee

E)    The Sunshine Parkway in Florida

Well, you have done it.  Now check your answers with those below.  Don’t forget to post your score and comments in the section at the very bottom.

Dealing The Trivia    –     Lug_Nut    –     Peter Mercer


1) – (D) Thor Industries has manufactured and sold more RV units than any other company in the world.  Their brands include Airstream, all of the Keystone trailer line, Komfort RV, Damon, Breckinridge, Dutchmen trailers, Four Winds, and more.

2) – (E) There are eight states that begin with the letter “N”.  They are New York, New Hampshire, North Carolina, New Mexico, Nevada, North Dakota, New Jersey and Nebraska.

3) – (A) The Bay of Fundy between the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in Canada have recorded the highest tides in the world.  The maximum tide in the bay was recorded at over 52’ while Minas Basin, a small inlet in the bay has exceeded 54 feet.

4) – (B)  The origin of the phrase “Cup of Joe” dates back to the 1900’s and Admiral Josephus Daniels who was a secretary of the navy under the Wilson administration. The U.S. was involved with World War I at the time. He outlawed alcohol on ships which lead to coffee becaming the favorite beverage of naval crews. Hence the name “cup of joe.”

5) – (D) The recommended hitch weight distribution on a fifth wheel is 15 to 25% of the loaded trailer weight.

6) – (A) Lake Coeur d’Alene is located in the northern section of Idaho.

7) – (C) Two equity companies, Carlyle of Washington DC and Onex of Toronto Canada equally share Allison after the purchase from General Motors in August of 2007.

8) – (C) 42,000 miles with about 16,000 interchanges.

9) – (B) The U.S.S. Constitution can seen in the harbor of Boston.

10) –(A) The Carson Mansion is just off route 1, the Pacific Highway in Eureka California.

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  1. Lug_Nut

    Steve Barnhart, May be three is not bad then. I hope you enjoy RV’ing and thanks for sharing your score and for your input.

  2. Steve Barnhart

    I only got 3 correct, but my excuse is that I just started RV ing. LOL I have lots to see and can’t wait to get out there. Hope my trip to the south is not ruined by the oil spill. It may be all Mountains this year

  3. John, Better get those wheels turning this spring. I’m also from Canada. Let’s see what you score on the next one, coming soon.

  4. John

    Heck I am from Canada only 2 right. Better get out a lot more. see you on the road

  5. You are all winners with those scores. These are not easy. Thanks all for posting your scores. Please post more.

  6. Carol Luetjen

    Got 5 correct flunked interstate thought there were more and also missed 2 states thogh we’ve been in all 49

  7. Art Armstrong

    I got 5.5 right……………..I let my better half talk me out of the U.S.S. Constitution being in the harbor of Boston. I guess that I have been away from GM too long, which BTW is a good thing, and missed the sale of Allison. I should have known as they have sold off most everything.

  8. Hop

    Missed the Allison one and was glad I did. Good Company unlike the previous parent GM. Just had another round with the purported Saturn Customer Help Line. Actually just a call center with not resources. The PalLock system that GM has used for years still sucks and they Still refuse to do anything about it. Guess the Misdesigns are everywhere these days and most do Nothing to fix their screwups.So far the only problem with my Coach powered by ford has been good with only the Cruise Control a problem and that WAS a recall. Maybe I’d better stick with Fords eh?

  9. nushagak

    Yes, I was aware it was the incorrect answer – I’ve been to Eureka and have seen the Victorian House. I was unaware that you included mis-information in your quizzes.

  10. Traveling Whits, Now, that’s funny! Sometimes the most obvious is the one you will miss. Thanks for sharing your score and for your input.

  11. nushagak, The answer (C) Going To the Sun Road was also incorrect. Those that are not the right answer will often contain mis-information, sometimes to seem more believable. Thanks for the response and the input.

  12. Traveling Whits

    We got 6 right. We forgot Nevada and that is where we are currently located DUH!!!!!!!!.

  13. nushagak

    You have listed in question 10.C “Going to the Sun Road Wyoming”. However – The Going to the Sun Road is in Glacier National Park, which is in Montana.

  14. Roger Cumba

    I am ashamed. I only got the interstate miles and the ship. I just retired and this is proof to my wife that we need to travel!lol

  15. Tom Palmer/Barbara Kirkhart

    Tom and I got 6 and half right – we differed on the interstates – he was right and I thought 61,000. Of course, since we’ve put driven on close to 7000 miles of interstate in our 2009 Newmar Dutch Star since July 09, I feel like there’s a lot more miles than there actually are!

  16. Great going all! The average score so far is about 5.4, or 54%. Those that scored 8 or 9 are geniuses. Thanks all for sharing your scores. Let’s see some more.

  17. Charles, Excellent score, 90% is not too shabby. Yes, continental U.S. is correct, thank you, the change has been made. Thanks for being an eagle eye and for posting your great score.

  18. Charles

    Got 9 right , didn’t know #8
    By the way you might want to change the part that say’s United States Continent to Continental United States.

  19. catchesthewind

    I got 4 right and two I didnt know outright.

  20. Gus Jones

    Got 8. Missed GM sale and unguessed hwys.

  21. larry9824

    1 correct. I am really bad!!

  22. I got 8 of 10. Blew it on Thor and miles of interstate. Having a Monaco with an Allison transmission, I follow closely their machinations. Too bad about GM but if you look at history, unions and bad management have killed a lot of otherwise viable industries — like shipping, railroads, car makers and several other industries.

  23. kaykaydee

    5 out of 10 but only because I listened to my DH on 3 of them…he was wrong 😉



  25. Chuck Emmett

    I got them all right in my mind. Could not figure out how to post the answers. I guess that’s counts as a minus one.

  26. Robin Marshall

    9 outa 10, missed #8, interstate miles, lot less than what I guessed on.

  27. santa skip

    I got 5 ,but I only knew 3 for sure

  28. Marty Hill

    I got 5 of these rascals, good guesses helped me get even that many. Ditto some other comments, gotta travel more.

  29. Bob and Julie

    We missed Thor and Carson Castle. Eight out of Ten. We’re guessing that means we can stay home this year (which we are doing).

  30. 5 of 10 in need of much more travelings

  31. Lill

    I got four, guess I need to cross country a bit more.

  32. Roy, Good going. 5 is not a bad score at all. Thanks for posting your score.

  33. FullTimerNormie

    I got 3 right…HA, I thought I was smarter than that…!!! Guess I got some more travelin’ to do.

  34. ed. Great catch!! Ed, you know your states. My error. Sure wish locals wouldn’t just say they are from Jersey. I have made the correction. Thank you for your excellent help and great input.

  35. Carla, You may have only got 4, but you were the first to plunge in. Thanks for posting.

  36. Roy

    I was 5 out of ten.

  37. ed

    There are 8 states. you forgot New Jersey. I got 5 right

  38. Carla

    I got 4 right, which proves I need to get out more!!