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The RV Trivia Challenge #10. How Well Can You Score?

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March 11, 2010



Welcome to the Lug_Nut RV Trivia Challenge No. 10. Unlike the Love Potion by the same name, (I guess that was No. 9) this will challenge you mentally, not emotionally.  Remember, this is a trivia, not an IQ test.  Therefore you may need to guess at many.  So get a pencil to record your answers.  Then check them with the answers found near the bottom and post your score and comments in the comments section at the very bottom.

So, let’s see who will get this month’s bragging rights.  Give it a try.

1)     Trailer hitches are available in various capacities from a Class 1 to V.  What is the maximum rating of a Class II hitch?

A)   2,000 lbs.

B)    3,500 lbs.

C)    5,000 lbs.

D)   10,000 lbs.

E)    15,000 lbs.

2)     Camping by, or near a lake has always been a great attraction.  Which of the lower 48 states has the most lakes?

A)   Minnesota

B)    Michigan

C)    Arizona

D)   Washington

E)    Tennessee

3)     If you are into lighthouses, you might head your RV to this place.  It is the tallest brick lighthouse in the world and there are campgrounds nearby.  Surrounded by water, this attracts over 175,000 people each year.  Where will you be headed for to visit this?

A)   Halifax, Nova Scotia

B)    Bar Harbor, Maine

C)    Charleston, S.C.

D)   Cape Hatteras, N.C.

E)    Key West, Florida

4)     The ill-fated Titanic Ocean Liner is the subject of two museums devoted fully to its history.  This is a interesting part replica of the original ship that has attracted RV’ers from all over the country.  To take this in your travels you will need to head to one of the following locations.

A)   Orlando or Anaheim

B)    Los Angeles or San Diego

C)    Branson 0r Pigeon Forge

D)   Halifax or Montreal

E)    Houston or Miami

5)     The Airstream Trailer is an icon in the RV industry.  When did Airstream officially start production of their famous trailers?

A)   1932

B)    1951

C)    1928

D)   1956

E)    1958

6)     All full AC generators, gas, propane or diesel powered are required to operate at a set RPM. (The variable speed gensets are inverter equipped)  What precise RPM is required?

A)   1000 or 2000 RPM

B)    1200 or 2400 RPM

C)    1500 or 3000 RPM

D)   1800 or 3600 RPM

E)    2000 or 4000 RPM

7)     The Photo to the left is a National Monument and a great destination.  Where is it?

A)   San Francisco

B)    San Diego

C)    Catalina Isl.

D)   Houston

E)    South Padre Isl.


8)     With a mobile home costing up to $1.4 million, where is the most expensive trailer park in the U.S.?

A)   Malibu, California

B)    Key West, Florida

C)    Miami, Florida

D)   Naples, Florida

E)    San Diego, California

Trivia10B9)     With a population of only 49, the town shown in the photo to the left, is one of the most photographed places North America.  It draws tourists from all over and is in a great RV destination area.  Once called “Eastern Point Harbour”, what is this town called today?

A)   Bar Harbor

B)    New Bern

C)    Peggy’s Cove

D)   St. John’s Harbour

E)    Charleston Harbor

10) Land Yacht was a great name to describe an RV.  What RV manufacturer has claim to this icon?

A)   Airstream

B)    Winnebago

C)    Fleetwood

D)   Monaco

E)    Newmar

So, how did you do?  Check your answers with those found below, and don’t forget to share your score with us.

Testing Your Skills   –    Lug_Nut    –    Peter Mercer

1)     – (B) A Class II hitch is rated up to 3,500 lbs.

2)     – (A) Minnesota ( Land of 10,000 lakes) has the highest number of lakes.

3)     – (D) Cape Hatteras in N.C.  It can be reached with your RV via ferry.

4)     – (C) The Titanic Museums are located in Branson Missouri and Pigeon Forge Tennessee.

5)     – (A) Airstream Trailers started production in 1932.

6)     – (D) AC generators need to be run at 1800 or 3600 to produce a frequency of 60 cycles.

7)     – (B) The Cabrillo National Monument is located on Point Loma in San Diego.

8)     – (A) Paradise Cove in Malibu California.

9)     – (C) Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia, Canada

10) – (A) Airstream’s flagship was the Land Yacht.

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  1. Avatar

    One misake for you. It was Love Potion #9 not 10.

  2. Avatar


    I had a miserable 5 for 5. Great quiz though. I look forward to them.

  3. Avatar


    Guess I don’t get out much…I only scored a three! Interesting questions though, I learn a lot.

  4. Avatar
  5. Avatar

    butterbean carpenter

    Howdy LN,
    4/10 Don’t go east far enough!!

  6. Avatar

    Barry Engleman

    At least I know there are a lot of lakes in Minnesota. The only one I got right!

  7. Avatar

    Steven Sweet

    I got 4, interesting places, thanks

  8. Avatar


    Had been to 7 of these but only got 3 right. Bad memory I guess. Good challenge.

  9. Avatar

    I got 8 – since when is a 1.4 mobile home a motorhome?

  10. Avatar


    Bill Benham, Good spotting, you are right. You might however be showing your age. Thanks for pointing that out and for your paticipation.

  11. Avatar


    Robert Miller, The 1.4 million is for a mobile home (Park model mobile). Yes, I guess “mobile home” may not adequately define it. Thanks for posting.

  12. Avatar


    Got 9 out of 10. Missed out on the 1st question: got to get my spectacles refocused or go back to school to learn how to read… properly: didn’t notice the Class II operative!!

  13. Avatar

    Thomas Lindahl

    I scored a 7 on your latest quiz.

  14. Avatar

    Ron Arthur

    I feel like a dumb Canadian that hasn’t traveled much. 3/10

  15. Avatar

    Ken Kent

    I knew (or guessed) 7 out of 10. Several I have been to.

  16. Avatar


    5/10: It sure doesn’t sound like it revs that high to me.

    Thanks for the quiz.


  17. Avatar

    Don Crisp

    I don’t feel to bad with a score of 8. The Titanic Museum and Peggy’s Cove through me a little, but my time in Coast Guard was useful for several of these. Happy Camping to All.

  18. Avatar

    I got 6 out of 10. Pretty good for a old guy.

  19. Avatar


    As always, enjoyed your post

  20. Avatar

    Gail Clark

    This quiz to me was the hardest yet. Had to guess a lot. Only 2. Keep them coming.

  21. Avatar

    Sheila Allison

    I missed 4 and husband 5. Seen the building of the Titanic in Pigeon Forge. Great Place to go each year. RiverBend campground best place to stay. Thanks for the fun.

  22. Avatar

    Kathy and Leon Payne

    Leon got 8 right and I only got 4 right. Great quiz, keep em coming.

  23. Avatar

    Bob and Julie

    Hi, everyone.

    I got 10 out of 10!

    Discovered the trick of looking at the answers first.


  24. Avatar

    Art Armstrong

    I got 4.0909097 QR…………..(metric measurement)

    San Diego is spelled San Diego, or was your spelling a metric spelling?

  25. Avatar



  26. Avatar

    Art Armstrong

    LUG NUT…………..check 4 B

  27. Avatar

    Art Armstrong, Thanks, got it. There was three not two. Thanks for catching that and for your regular input.

  28. Avatar

    Hey if you like this kind of trivia, try playing against others in real time! It’s free:

    AND there’s a $20 first prize every month.

  29. Avatar

    jerry cooney

    I have a 45 foot cioach and I had to go count as I think I got all 11 answers right as with 8 wheels I have 80 lug nuts not 60. right?

  30. Avatar


    7 outta 10 – not bad

  31. Avatar


    jerry cooney, No there are 60, 10 per axle side. The inner duals are held on with the nuts holding the outer. You got a great score anyway. Thanks for sharing your score with us. That question was on #11.

  32. Avatar


    Cindy, Nice going, that’s a great score. Thanks for sharing your score and for your valued input.

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