Well there’s still some snow on the ground here, but I just made our reservation for our first weekend trip, so my mind is now set on getting everything ready to gear up for the season. Yes, it’s still 2 months away, but it’s been a long, cold, snowy winter here in PA, so I’ll just get started early and be ready for Mother’s Day weekend.

Like Donna Carol, I believe in lists for the camper. I’ve got lists for what belongs in the kitchen, the bathroom and even the bed of the truck. To make life easier I plan a menu for the days we’ll be gone and then make a list of all the foods and utensils I’ll need to make that menu. We’ve learned the hard way to make the beds before we leave the house to make sure everyone has their sheets and pillowcases (in a pinch, you can use an extra t-shirt to cover a pillow).

Next I hit the Internet and do some searching there, to make more lists. The 1st thing I search for is the local Wal-mart, because even with all my lists, we sometimes need something else and Wal-mart usually has what we need. Then I’ll make a search for things to do in the area. I’ll come up with a list and let the kids choose from the places that seem interesting. When I’m done all those lists, it’s off to Mapquest, to get directions to everything.

working on camper

The men take a look at the camper roof before we head out

The last few days before we leave for camping, my kitchen in a flurry of activity. I try to make up as much food ahead of time as possible. I’ll cook the hamburger for tacos or sloppy joes, if that’s on the menu. Chili, pork or chicken BBQ can be made ahead of time as well. Then the last day it’s pasta salads, potato salad and baked goods (lets face it, any early then a day before the trip and those baked goods won’t make it into the camper!!)

Hubby has his lists too. He checks the camper’s roof to make sure nothing’s on top that shouldn’t be. He makes sure all the rain gutters are still on (actually he uses the handles from old gallon jugs for rain gutters). Hubby also makes sure all the fishing gear gets put back in the camper if they’ve been fishing around home. (I just noticed Hubby has a few less lists then me)

Well the next 2 months will probably drag by as we wait for the snow to melt and the spring flowers to bloom, so hopefully making a list or two will help make the time go a little faster. For those of you in warmer climates, enjoy your early camping and think of us poor souls here in the frozen North.

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