The October Mystery Camper Challenge will again test your skills in solving where and at what RV park the Mystery Camper is at.   All we have at this time is some photos taken in the park.  He also appears to have taken one while touring the area.  So, get your thinking caps on, and let’s get this one figured out.  If needed, clues will be revealed by the elusive camper.

park2 park6




So, any ideas? There seems to be some cluses to be found in the photos.   Let’s see who will get the October bragging rights.  Enter your guess in the comments section at the bottom.

If you can’t get it, check back in a fews days.  Some clues will be added as and if needed.

Wondering The Country   –    Lug_Nut    –     Peter Mercer

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  1. Great going, all but two had it right. It is Cariboo RV Resort in Burnaby, B.C. They accommodate all sizes of motor homes and trailers in quiet private sites. There are, however few for 40’+ RV’s and the maximum shore power is 30 amp at this time. That is apparently changing after the 2010 Olympics as they will be updating the resort then. The update is suppose to allow more spaces for larger rigs and increasing their electrical to 50 amps. This project is held up as they are 100%+ overbooked for the weeks surrounding the Olympic’s.

    Thanks to all that participated and without further clues, solved it. Good going.

  2. Terry Deans

    The park is Burnaby Cariboo RV Park in Burnaby, BC between the Loughheed Hwy and Trans Canada Hwy.

  3. Andrew Jackson

    I have to agree with all the above. It is Burnaby Cariboo RV Park, BC. Nice photos too!

  4. M Anderson

    Burnaby Cariboo RV Park….checked website. It is now on our list “BC RV Parks to visit

  5. M Anderson

    Burnaby Cariboo RV Park….checked website. It is now on our list “BC RV Parks to visit.

  6. Wow, it sure seems it is Cariboo RV Park in Burnaby B.C. If so, Carol would certainly have the “first on the trigger” bragging rights. So…………any more guess’s?

  7. Bob Winnick

    Burnaby Cariboo R.V. Park and Campground
    Vancouver, BC Canada

  8. I agree with the other comments, Burnaby Cariboo RV park in Vancouver BC

  9. Florio Campi

    I realize I’m late getting in on this but I’d like to comment on Burnaby Cariboo RVP. This was one of the first RV parks we in stayed at during our first (Jun ’06)trip into Canada. I thought “If this is an example of the quality of Canadian parks I’m staying north of the border’. Lo and behold it turned out to be not the standard, but more the exception. So now it’s three years later, we’ve been in all the “lower 48” and 4 of the Provinces and I can say I’ve found some equals but not many much better. If it wasn’t so far away I’D make it a stop on every trip.

    New York

  10. Gilles Pharand

    I believe that is Bridal Fall RV Camp site

  11. Joe Keene

    This is the BC RV Park in Vancouver, British Colimbia.

  12. Chris Cronk

    Burnaby Cariboo
    R.V. Park and Campground
    8765 Cariboo Place
    Burnaby, B.C., V3N 4T2
    Phone: (604) 420-1722
    Fax: (604) 420-4782

  13. Pam Evans

    Burnaby Cariboo RV Park in Vancouver – they had to park the 5th wheel as the turn was to tight for the Pickup to make it.

  14. George James

    Burnaby Cariboo RV Park

  15. John Paterson

    Burnaby Cariboo RV Park

  16. A simple Google of BCRV (Photo #1) tells you its
    Burnaby Cariboo R.V. Park and Campground
    Vancouver, BC Canada

  17. Ken

    That was way to easy Same picture on the front page of the web site

  18. M Anderson

    Capilano RV Park Vancouver

  19. Jeff Hall

    As everyone else has said, Burnaby Cariou RV Park and Campground, Vancouver, BC, Canada

  20. Keith Rands

    Burnaby Cariboo RV Park and Campground, Vancouver BC Canada

  21. Ardis Almond

    Burnaby Cariboo
    R.V. Park and Campground
    Vancouver, BC

  22. Denise LaRue

    Burnaby Cariboo R.V. Park and Campground in Vancouver, Canada

  23. Carol

    Vancouver, BC at the Burnaby Cariboo RV Park?