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September 30, 2009

Many people tracked down my email address to send me a message that the link to my last post, “RV Showers – Yours of the Campground’s,” would not work. The problem was the apostrophe in it. The link should now be good.

I have found another reason to use my own RV shower. A little background. We are at a lovely RV park, Mad River Rapids RV Park, in Arcata, CA. We had an axle break due to a frozen bearing in our NeverLube hub. It blew a tire – fortunately. Because of the tire we pulled over right away. A fire was just starting so I grabbed the extinguisher by the door to the 5th wheel and George successfully put it out. In the meantime, we have been waiting for parts from Mor/ryde and one of their suppliers, Kodiak. As if today, we’ve been here two weeks.

The RV park has a nice jacuzzi that we have enjoyed – until Monday. After the weekend they apparently double-dosed it with bromine. It not only smells strong but George now has bumps all over his legs and I have a small patch of bumps on one leg. We are both sensitive to bromine, George extremely so. We showered in the park showers last night to get the smell off. Their whole system must use bromine because we could still smell the odor on our skins. (Their showers are nice, by the way.)

After emptying the gray water tank this morning I took a shower in ours. We have a double filter just before the intake to remove chemicals. What a difference. Not all public showers have a strong chlorine or bromine smell, but it is unpleasant. When that is the case, we’ll be definitely using ours.

Go back and read the original post if you missed it and the excellent comments. And, if you did not have a chance to vote in the survey, do that. As of today, 72% use their own showers exclusively.

In the meantime, the Mor/ryde beam-assembly part arrived yesterday. UPS Freight promised delivery of the parts from Kodiak this morning. With luck, Rodney, owner of Eureka Truck Repair, will be here shortly to replace the broken axle. Then we’ll move to his shop in Eureka and replace the remaining hubs tomorrow. If one froze, the others may be close behind so we are not taking a chance. We hope to be headed south on Friday. We’ve enjoyed exploring the area, but enough is enough!

Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

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  326. >Damon- What fun! The boxers are beuiuaftl. I bet they had a blast playing in the water. Glad to hear you are having a great trip. Hats off to you for finishing your assignments while taking such a long journey! Have a wonderful time.

  327. >Hey Damon! What a fun vacation! I miss the west coast. My hsbaund and I came from San Diego and my brother-in-law lives in Brookings, OR so we often made trips up North. We loved OR with its cool days and rocky coasts. It looks like you had a great time, especially the boxers! I read that you are then off to Alaska! My hsbaund swears on his grave that he will have a second home up in Alaska (even though he hasn’t been there yet)! Our friends have all been there and it looks amazing. That may have to be our next vacation destination after Europe. Have a wonderful time and I’ll check back for some pictures of Alaska!

  328. Ron, I have no idea what it cost to repack the bearings. I think my friend got $100 for an RV – must have been an motorhome. That was probably cheaper than a dealer. That was in the mid-90s, though.

    Since we have a Mor/ryde system, we only had to replace 1/2 an axle but we replaced all the hubs/bearings. Plus brake rotors and pads (that was unrelated). And we needed a new tire because the one blew. Total was around $1900. And we were delayed two weeks waiting for parts.

    Had the tire not blown, we might not have pulled over right away. Then we could have lost the whole rig from a fire. The cost would have been much higher then.


  329. Ron

    Wow not good… So just for our info and fasination what does it cost to repack the bearings these days…? [per axle]
    And what does it cost to replace the never pack ones…?

    And if you wait till they lock up it cost What…?

    This should give our fellow RVers a good reason to repack NOW !

    Good Luck, Ron

  330. Bill and Donna, check out my blog, RV Home Yet? for an account of our RV trip. Click on the category Alaska 09 to separate the Alaska posts from others.

    We took about 3 months from the time we crossed into Canada until we came back out again. We went up through the Canadian Rockies through Banff and Jasper, up the Alaska Highway to Whitehorse. Then we went to Dawon City and over the Top of the World Highway to Tok. From there, up to Fairbanks, then down to Anchorage and the Kenai. We came back through Canada first on the Alaska Highway to Watson Lake, then down the Cassier. Great trip!


  331. You’re probably right about anything that says “never.” We found out when Rodney at Humboldt Truck Repair (a good guy) replaced them all that another one was on the way out. NeverLube might mean never lube for 5 years, then replace.

    An RVer friend used to make money in RV parks while traveling by repacking wheel bearings. Many RVers don’t know they are supposed to or delay doing it. He could pick up a quick few hundred bucks that way!


  332. George

    I never liked the idea of NeverLube or “never” anything. They are supposedly idiot proof but it doesn’t help when the person who puts things together is the idiot. I repack my own wheel bearings and always replace the seal. It takes me between 1 and 2 hours since nobody’s is chasing me and I know it’s done right. A prime example was a trailer I bought in 2008. The previous owner assured me the bearings were repacked by his rv dealer and only had 15 miles on it since. I decided to check them before a long trip and there was maybe a tablespoon of grease in each bearing. Grease is cheap, really cheap, and I just slop it on in great gobs and I’ve never lost a bearing or had water infiltrate into them.

  333. Bill & Donna Benner

    Jamie, I saw that you were coming back from a trip to Alaska. Donna and I are planning an Alaskan trip in May 2010 and were wondering how you planned your trip(Route, stopovers sightseeing, etc)? We live in Virginia and plan to take the northern USA route through the Dakotas, Montana etc route. On the way back we have not got that far yet. Any insights will be appreciated. My telephone number is 434-454-4333 if any one wants to call or email us with any ideas.

    Thanks Bill and Donna Benner