The Camco RhinoFlex Clear Swivel – review

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June 26, 2013

Last year while we were in Syracuse, my husband saw something very interesting at Camping World.    He thought it was the greatest thing in the world and immediately wanted to have one.    So without hesitation, he put his find in the cart and we purchased it when we left the store.

I probably picked your curiosity by now and you are wondering what I am talking about.   The item my husband fell in love with at the Camping World store was the RhinoFlex Clear Swivel fitting in a 90 degree angle from Camco.

This fitting can be put directly on your black/grey pipe coming out of your RV so that you can IMG_8139observe whatever is coming out of there – yes everything.     It features a swivel lug and bayonet fittings so that you can be assured that you have a secure connection (because nobody would want it to open… if you see what I mean.).   The clear part of the elbow will allow you to see the discarded water go through which is fabulous apparently to determine if all the “garbage” has passed through or not.

Personally, I couldn’t care less to see the waste (particularly the human kind from the bathroom) go by though I think I understand my husband reaction to this item since he is the one wondering if it’s cleared out or not.   However, our kids think it’s the greatest thing in the world…   Every time my husband has to deal with the waste management on the RV they all want to go see.  Go figure!

My husband loved it so much that on Father’s Day week-end while camping with his parents, he showed it to his dad.  My father-in-law immediately said, “When we go to the U.S. I want to buy one for our RV too!”  Unbeknown to him, my kids had already grabbed one at the Wal-Mart on our last trip to Ogdensburg and wanted to give it to him for father’s day because he purchased an RV this year.     He was very happy to open this gift from the kids on the Sunday morning.

The product is available with a 45 degree or 90 degree angle.  We personally have a 90 degree angle and my kids got the same one for their grand-father.   My husband wouldn’t want to go back to our previous setting and find the process of emptying the black tank a little bit more joyful since he installed one on our RV.

The Camco RhinoFlex Clear Swivel  is available at numerous places throughout the U.S.   We purchased ours at Camping World and the kids bought one at Wal-Mart.   Expect a price of about 10$ or so.   At the time of publishing this review, I had found a website selling it for about 7$ U.S.

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