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First Snowbird Trip

So, this is the year you will make your first Snowbird trip.   Your journey will require heading south while the roads are still good for RV travel and returning as the winter turns to spring.  This will be not only the longest time you have every used your RV, but the first time it will

New Online Feature: RV Park and Campground Reviews

RV travelers love to talk about two things: their rigs and their favorite campgrounds. Now Good Sam has introduced a new online feature that allows RVers to rate and review the campgrounds that they have visited. You can help people find the perfect location for their next RV vacation by leaving an RV Park & Campground Review directly on

Extended Your RV Trip

The enjoyment and fun derived from extending your RV trip really starts with the pre-trip planning. Not only can this time help make your RV trip a great adventure, it is also a lot of fun, in some cases almost as memorable as the trip itself.  So, let’s look at what things you may wish