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Airstream motorhome in bright sunshine.

Get the Lowdown on Window Shades and Tweak Awning Tension

RV advice from May's Mark My Words monthly post

Hi Mark My Words readers! This month, we have a bunch of quick and easy fixes for common RV problems including window shades, awnings and driving on gravel roads. Check them out, and keep those questions coming to [email protected]. Mark, I have a Class A motorhome with large day/night window shades in the living room

good sam rep

Best of Both Worlds — From Corporate Leaders to Good Sam Rep Team

We spent years in corporate leadership and Christian charity. Then we discovered we could take our passion for people and business on the road. As a Good Sam rep team, we’re able to make friends and discover new places — all while making a satisfying living. Finding Good Sam RVing wasn’t always a natural fit for us. A pair

Tech- Troubleshooting with a test light

I hope everyone has been following Larry Cadman’s great series on electrical theory and multimeters , there is a lot of great information in them- good, solid theory, backed up with practical applications. A multimeter is an essential piece of test equipment. But…. sometimes “low tech” is faster, better and easier, which is why one