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A woman in futuristic garb flanked by two reflctive statues.

Our Freewheeling RV Trip to Burning Man in Nevada

Taking an RV trip to Burning Man in the middle of the Nevada desert Imagine a city in the middle of the desert where the party never ends, mutant vehicles roam the streets, money is basically useless and citizens don the most outrageous attire, including their birthday suits. What if I told you this place

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18 Summertime Events That Scream Road Trip

Summer, it turns me upside down Summer, summer, summer It’s like a merry go round The pairing of travel, camping and festivals in the summertime is magic. And while I don’t think that’s exactly what Ric Ocasek was singing about as he was walking on water at a pool party, there’s just something powerful about

burning man rv trip

RV Trip to Burning Man

Burning Man RV Trip — feeling the heat of a fantastic Nevada event. Every August, 70,000 “Burners” make the pilgrimage to Black Rock City, a temporary metropolis built from the dust-up in Nevada’s desolate and inhospitable Black Rock Desert. Located about 100 miles north of Reno, Black Rock City is home to the week-long Burning