Salton Sea Weekend Warriors (CA Camping)

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February 25, 2009

Out in the California desert the crew of “RV Today” met up with a group of weekend warriors, a growing trend of RVers who like to take their toys with them on an adventure. Bringing their ATVs, motorcycles and dune buggies,the weekend warriors like the wide open spaces to explore and blaze new trails. These RVers shun the luxury resorts and boondock where there is plenty of space to roam. No better place to roam free than the California desert near the Salton Sea.

The sea has been getting bad rep, but you’ll put all those bad rumors aside when you take in the scenic views of the water on the east side. For the weekend warrior there is no better place than the Salton Sea to spend a vacation four wheeling and blazing trails.
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  1. ambreen tariq

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  2. will sure visit this desert rv campground in my next holiday plan.

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  5. Ron Moon

    Good hearing your review, use to spend time at the Sea in the 60’s but stopped in the early 70’s. Smell was so bad just couldn’t stand being close. Shame since the fishing was so good. Lot of open ground within 50 miles of the Sea so never been a problem to find a place to park. Might check out the Sea next time I’m in the area since I had wrote it off. Smell was worst than the feed lots, might be a rumor today but a fact the last time I was there.

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    Corky King