RV Cooking Show – Pork Arista & Desert Hot Springs, CA

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March 27, 2008

A perfect occasion dish, this pork arista recipe is prepared the day before. This allows you to simply pop it in the oven and enjoy both the day and the meal!

Just click on the play button below to watch as I prepare this pork dish and explore Desert Hot Springs, CA. C’mon along – it’s all delicious!!

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Happy Camping,
Evanne Schmarder

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  1. Hi Jason,

    Any wine that makes you swoon when paired with garlic is a winner with this dish. I think a merlot is an excellent choice…what time is dinner?? Mmmm…. :>


  2. Hi Ron,

    I’ve seen signs that say both through Sky Valley – Dillon – a long wavy road – is correct! Thanks – Evanne

  3. Ron

    Good video, but when you refer to “Sky Valley Road” I think you mean Dillon Road, which does run through Sky Valley.

  4. Jason B.

    This is making me hungry. Great recipe, best served with wine? A merlot perhaps…