RV Cooking Show – Grilled Cuban Sandwiches, Cuban Cowboy Caviar & Cortez, FL

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January 23, 2010

If you ask me, there’s nothing better than a warm weather getaway by the beach. Bonus points if it’s a stay in a thriving town with a terrific RV resort, lively dining and entertainment in walking distance, and fresh fish right off the boat. Well, that’s just what I stumbled upon when I pulled into Cortez, Florida. This little town is tucked away on the land side of Anna Maria Island and is often eclipsed by its big neighbor to the south – Sarasota. But don’t be fooled, you could easily while away many memorable days and nights in this West Coast of Florida paradise.

In our latest RV Cooking Show –Grilled Cuban Pressed Sandwiches, Cuban Cowboy Caviar & Quirky Cortez Florida – we’ll show you around town and, with a special guest, make a mighty tasty meal. I’m especially excited to bring you Paulette’s Cuban version of an old RV-standby – Cowboy Caviar. Take a look – you’re gonna love it. Don’t miss the “From my RV kitchen” section on my website’s show page – I share many of my favorite Cortez “locals’ haunts” with you.

[vimeo 8782590]

I hope you enjoy watching this episode of the RV Cooking Show as much as I enjoyed making it!


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  2. Drew

    Thank you for a great recipe and a fun video to watch. I agree- the “cowboy caviar” looks like you could enjoy it anytime. The resort sounds interesting too…another spot to visit when we retire!

    Happy camping,


  3. Thanks Mrs. Gary…I’m tickled you liked it.

    Geoffrey – try again. I was able to watch it here all the way through. Could it be a weak internet signal where you are? Let me know, okay?? I can’t have you going hungry because of a blank screen!! :>


  4. Geoffrey Pruett

    My mouth was watering, and the video just went blank each time tried?

    Glitch or just user problems?

  5. Mrs Gary

    Excellent – thanks. Always looking for good recipes.