Recognize RV-Friendly Businesses

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December 21, 2010

Give credit to the people, places, and establishments that make the road smoother.

Let’s face it, nobody hits the road alone. We all depend on the convenient service stations, friendly restaurants and comfortable campgrounds that welcome us along the way. That’s why the Good Sam Club established the Welcome Mat Awards.

The annual accolades give members a chance to honor the destinations and services we’ve come to rely on, whether it’s a stellar pet store, a killer sandwich shop or a world-class campground.

To give thanks where thanks is due, simply fill out and submit the electronic ballot below. Your vote helps ensure that your favorite establishments get the recognition they deserve.

Winners will be announced in Highways and honored at the 12th annual Rally in Redmond, Oregon, July 14 through 17. Deadline for entries is February 28, 2011.

Please take a moment to let us know your favorite establishment, vote online.

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  1. june and steve huckaby

    Enterprise was the best, we forgot our rental agreement at home and couldn’t get on the Navy base near the campsite. We called our local store and they faxed the paperwork to the nearest Enterprise office. This is definately above and beyond.

  2. Peter & Nancy

    I have to agree with the above comment from Don and Anne about Enterprise Rent A Car. We have a 40 ft Motorhome and we do not tow a car by choice. But we have used Enterprise for the past couple of years and we are very pleased with the service and price. Yes they have come not only to the camp ground to pick us up, but right to our camp site in a couple of situations. One time they could not come to pick us up (they were short handed) but they told us to take a cab. And when we were doing the rental deal they took the cab fare off the bill. We have used Enterprise in CT, PA, NH, NY and MA just to name a few states. In all cases it was a very good experiences——– The kind of people you want to do business with.

  3. Don & Anne Griffin

    We really appreciate Enterprise Rental Cars. We had been a customer for over 20 years of a competetitor. Our experiences in Crofton, MD; New Bedford, MA; and Milwaukee, Wi changed us forever. We don’t tow a dingy and as such we were at the mercy of rental car companies when we made a cross country sojourn. We rented cars in a variety of places and found that Enterprise was by far the most customer friendly company, as well as a lessor expensive alternative. They picked us up when they could, accommodated our RV in tight city places and were available to talk to us when needed. The local alternative company in Orlando could not be reached by telephone to answer our question of where we could park our RV to pick up our rental car. We had to take a cab which cost us $70! After that experience we decided to try someone new. We have not yet been disappointed. Thank you Enterprise – especially Erin in Crofton, MD.