Park Model Homes vs. Traditional Homes

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June 18, 2014

Moving from a traditional brick-and-mortar home to a park model home has enhanced the quality of life for thousands of people. Benefits of park home living include security, peace of mind, a pleasant living environment of friendly like-minded people with organized activities, clubs, and other social opportunities. It’s all about lifestyle.

Park model homes differ from conventional houses in several ways. A major difference is in the method of construction. Park models are constructed in a manufacturing plant before being transported to the mobile home park. Here they are sited on a base and connected to electric, water, and sewer services. Since park model homes are designed for easy maintenance, owners are unlikely to be faced with sudden major repair bills.

Another key difference between a traditional house and a park model home is size. While park models come in different sizes, in most cases, traditional houses are considerably larger.

Since the typical park model home costs considerably less than a traditional home there are definite financial benefits to park model home living.

Park model home prices vary according to the model chosen. Mobile home park fees vary from park to park also. Key factors are park location and the amenities provided. The majority of mobile home parks especially in the Sun Belt are age restricted.

Park model homes are designed for occasional relocation only. Built on a single chassis with detachable hitch, these units require a special tow vehicle and oversized highway permits. They range in size from 32-41 feet, costing approximately $30,000-$80,000. They usually sleep up to 10 people and do not exceed 540 sq. ft. Constructed primarily for seasonal use, park model homes operate on 110V system, allowing for conventional appliances throughout instead of your typical RV style. Fully winterized units are available.

If you see park model homes in your future, it is important to consider all related factors before making a decision.

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