camp-newmar1A couple of months ago I wrote about the differences experienced between getting factory service compared to service at a local dealer.  I also made reference to Newmar’s factory service being offered to orphaned makes.  That is makes that were built by manufacturers that have either closed or ceased operations at this time.

Does this concept make sense?  Yes, I believe it does.  Many RV components are basically the same part, regardless of the make.  Items such as furnaces, hydronic heating systems, refrigerators, stoves, back up cameras, power seats, etc. are identical, as is their installation procedures.  Additionally, in principle, the entire units are built similar and designed to serve the same purpose.

jun22_0001_edited2Well, are there any takers?  Are Monaco‘s, Holiday Ramblers, Travel Supreme’s and the likes, turning up for service there?  In an effort to find that out, I travelled to the Newmar factory last month.  Upon arrival, on a Sunday afternoon, I observed a 2008 Holiday Rambler Navigator hooked up right in front of the service welcome center.  In the overflow camping area was a fairly new Travel Supreme, also all hooked up for the night.

Now, I realize that many owners of these other makes are probably not aware of Newmar’s innovative offer.  Apparently, that is also true for many Newmar owners, causing some curious looks at these, foreign to them, makes.  I could read their faces.  “What’s that Monaco doing here?  This is Camp Newmar.”

Later in the day, I had the opportunity of meeting Gene, owner of the beautiful looking H.R. Navigator coach.  He had been to this service facility some years ago when he had owned a Newmar.  He was thrilled to be able to bring his unit here as he was always impressed with the level of service he had received in the past.  His main issue was a problem with the Aqua Hot hydronic heating unit. 

On the Monday morning, at the usual six o’clock, the technicians arrived.  In a short time most of the coaches and trailers disappeared, as each were taken into various service bays.  I asked a couple of technicians how the servicing of the other makes was going.  Both were very positive about the program, adding that there were many technicians that in fact had worked at some of these other manufacturers.  They also said that those owners of the other makes, that had come there, seem pleased with the level of service they received.

It would appear this is a win-win situation.  Owners of units that are not supported by factory service at this time, have that benefit, and additional service increases the labor need which hopefully can support bringing back some of those laid off during the slowdown.

Now, understand, these other makes are paying for the services, regardless of their warranty status.  Their warranty died, or has become otherwise not available.  This offers a viable solution for those owners of these other brands that need professional help to resolve serious or repeating issues.  All with the speed and skill that is found with factory service.

Perhaps other RV makers like Tiffin, may offer similar services in future, thus servicing other areas in the country.  After all, Newmar’s Napanee, Indiana plant, is not necessarily a handy location if you live in Florida, Georgia or the Carolina’s.  But, for many it has been well worth the drive, and for now, it’s the only game in town.

So, hats off to Newmar.  These unusual times call for innovative measures, and industry support.  Like the development of the first flat floor slide, Newmar may again be the pioneer of what may become an industry trend.    

Well, that’s my view, what is yours?

With an Eye on Service    –     Lug_Nut    –     Peter Mercer

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  2. Diane, I’m not sure of the make of your rig, but it seems many times, for slide adjustments, the factory service is the best solution. Often the adjusting of these is beyond the scope of many service people unless they are specifically trained to work on this issue on that certain make. Hopefully there will be other input that may be of help to you. Thank you for your valued input on this topic.

  3. Diane

    I would like to find out how people find the mobile rv repairmen and if anyone out there has had a bad experience with these types of repairmen. We recently needed to have some work done on our coach and have never had a bad experience with this type of repairman. If fact since we started fulltiming (12 years) we have used several mobile repair companies and have never had a dissapointing experience with them. We are now in Central coast of California and we went into the local RV dealer and when we talked to them and discovered that they didn’t have the service department open on Saturdays and my husband works M-F they suggested a mobile repair service that they said they had never heard negative comments about, and that was good for us , even though I waited to call them until I saw their truck in a RV park that we were in and later asked the people that had used them how they thought the work had been done, they said that it was a simple job and that they were polite and clean and did the job fast and completely. I called them out and they came to look at the work to be done, said that they could do the work, called our CSP and got the approval to do the work, told me that they needed an hour more for labor since CSP did not approve the adjustment of the slideout, but it was no problem they could do it. Next when it came to the slideout, the repairperson said she did not know anything about the slideout, that they had communication problems within their office, but that she would look at it and since now the tech support was closed for our coach and they could not get advice from them, that if I would pay the bill, they would be back in a couple of days to finish the work. Bad mistake on my part, they took my money, came out 2 weeks later after me repeatedly calling. The repairman then said that he could fix it no problem but he did not have all of his tools in his truck since it was a new truck for him, he would be back next week (Mon or Tues) to finish the work. He came in 2 weeks again and looked at it but said it was more work than he first thought and he would be back the next day to put the slideout in and he would bring help so it could be completed. he never showed, and after a few more calls and moving again( we now had our first contact with them in April and now it is July) They acted like we were bothering them, I was told they would be out in the morning and not to talk to them to stay away and let them measure the slideout so that they could order the part needed to complete the adjustment. Meanwhile I started cantacting CSP and I was told by them that they had been waiting for the estimate for the parts and labor and that when they got that they could approve the repair. Meanwhile I was being told by SSMRV that the people at CSP were going to lie to us and tell us it was SSMRV that was dragging their feet and that it was a lie that SSMRV was trying to do the work but couldn’t get CSP to work with them. The long story ends with them having my money and now I have a slidout that doesn’t go out completely ( when it did before) and now I may not be able to have it done under warranty since it was damaged by the mobile repair service and in our policy it says that they will not cover damage done by a repair shop. I have been asking SSMRV to give us our extra hour back ($110) and I will forget the bad experience and try to get it fixed or just live with the slideout 3/4 of the was out until I can find someone to fix it at a reasonable price. My husband says that we should get the slideout fixed and then sue them for the cost of the repair since they did not fix it they did more damage to it. What would all of you other RV’ers out there do? If someone has had this type of problem or maybe knows of a good Moblie RV repair service in the central coast near PIsmo Beach that does not have the initials SSMRV or is not a company run by females, I would really appreciate the help.

  4. Jim Wilson, Sorry to hear of your dealer experience, but that does not speak for all Newmar dealers. There are some excellent dealers servicing Newmars. Additionally, I don’t believe Newmar’s dealers are any different than any other maker’s dealers. There are good ones and perhaps some that are not so good. Thank you for sharing your experience on this topic and for your input.

  5. Jim Wilson

    It would be nice if Newmar spent as much time making certain that Newmar warranty service at it’s dealers / authorized service providers was near the level of service found at the factory. As a Newmar owner, I have talked with many other Newmar owners and the most common comment is that if you want to get decent service on a Newmar, you have to go to the factory. That’s a big part of why I will never own another Newmar. Sorry Newmar, but your delaer and service network doesn’t begin to measure up to the quality of your RVs and your factory service.

  6. TXBrad. I agree. It would seem that many service facilities are booked up for a month or so. Newmar, I believe, has been busy, but could handle more in time and bring back some of their laid off workers. Thank you for your great input.

  7. TXBrad

    In these ” hard” slow economy, with people keeping their RV’s longer, service is taking longer @ good facilities. My dealer’s shop is booked for 60 days. My need was minor & I was luckey to get “worked in “.
    Seems alot of RV folks from service closed ( mfg. & dealers) should be able to get jobs @ the shops still open.
    Tx Brad

  8. Gerald Strickland, Newmar’s service has been known to be very good thoughout the years, and in the present also. Sorry to hear of your issues with Monaco service. Thank you for your input.

  9. Gerald Strickland

    I have a 2006 Nemar Ventana and took it to the factory once for warranty work. They were great!! Before that, I had an H.R. Neptune and took it to the factory for warranty work. The people were very friendly but they would keep you for days and frequently had to return for the same problem.