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November 17, 2008

I’ve decided to begin this national parks series with the first NP I visited as a child: Banff National Park in Alberta (view park map).  I have great memories of our rented RV: a park bear enjoying the smell of our xbreakfast bacon just  too much for comfort; my mom running the RV’s cab into the roof of a tourist info booth; and snow in July!

Banff NP is a treasure trove of awe-inspiring views, hikes and ski resorts.  Lake Louise and Moraine Lake draw their emerald color from surrounding glacial silt.

And of course, the wildlife is spectacular.  Beyond the deer, elk and moose that we all think of is a host of other species. Check out the critters in these great pics from Linda and Charlie’s Trip to Alaska/2008 .

The Columbia Icefield is a highlight for many RV’ers in Banff NP.  If you haven’t yet been there, take a ride in one of these vehicles captured by Greg in his excellent photo album in the park.

I think it’s a toss-up for best pics in this area, between two sites.  The Capper Nomads have, I suspect, the best dipped dog from this beautiful region.

The Year of Spending Dangerously also has great pics including this thoughtful raven in the Valley of the Ink Pots:

You can check out these and other journal stories, photos and video for this destination at

Dan Parlow

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