Microwave Noodle

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July 25, 2011

By Good Sam Member Angel Hayes

Tools Needed: large scissors and one “swim” noodle

The roadways of America can be really rough in places! To keep the rotating glass plate from jumping around in the microwave while traveling, insert part of a “swim” noodle.

Cut noodle to the required height and insert between the glass plate and ceiling of your microwave. The partial noodle can be removed easily when RV is stationary and is small enough to store just about anywhere.

The remaining noodle portion can be used to protect a fishing rod during transit.

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  1. Kim McGruder

    I store my dish drainer in the microwave while traveling, works great to keep the glass plate from moving!

  2. Ken Motill

    This idea works great.
    Here is information for using the remaining noodle. After cutting the noodle to length for the microwave, cut the remaining part into 6″ and 4″ pieces and split them lengthwise. Put these pieces as needed on closet rods to hold hangers in place while traveling.

  3. Great idea I have always used a bunch of kitchen towels since one of my microwave plates broke. I will try the noodle idea. Thanks

  4. widogmom

    Pool noodles also work well as windshied wiper covers (when parked, of course). Cut a piece a couple of inches longer than your wiper blade, and make a slit the long way with a box cutter; just pop it over the wiper blade. They last a couple of summers up here in WI and, at about a buck apiece (which makes two blade covers, with enough left over to stick in your microwave), they’re very economical.

  5. JJ

    I use 1/2 of a “swim noodle”, sliced longitudinally and “V” notched in the center to cushion the lower corners of the slide-outs to catch my attention so that I don’t bump into them, and to protect my head if I do.

  6. rv-rick

    A hand towel wrapped around the plate works quite well.