Make the Most of Your Money Spent at the Pump

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April 12, 2011

Courtesy of Good Sam Emergency Road Service

Make your dollar go the extra mile.Fuel economy is on every RV owners mind, especially with gas prices on the rise and summer travels on the horizon. Every gallon and dollar counts, and that’s why it’s important to be informed about ways to get the most out of your money spent at the pump.

Many factors combine to produce the fuel consumption profile for a specific vehicle, including weight, aerodynamic drag, engine and chassis efficiency, and how the vehicle is driven.

Here are a few on-the-road rules for best fuel economy to keep in mind while traveling:

  • Maintain the minimum cruising speed that you find tolerable, creating minimum wind drag.
  • Operate in higher gears when possible; avoid downshifting until you’re using heavy throttle and cannot maintain your desired minimum speed.
  • Accelerate gradually, with minimum pressure on the pedal
  • Maintain constant cruising speeds; varying speeds wastes fuel.

Recently, wFuelGaugee’ve seen a few great gadgets hit the market that help RV owners monitor their rig’s fuel consumption. Our friends at Camping World offer an ultra-compact multi-function vehicle monitor shows instant and average fuel economy as you drive called the ScanGaugell. This is just one more way to monitor your fuel consumption.

Although we keep a mindful eye of our gas gauge, there are times when EMPTY seems to creep up on us. Fortunately, the experts at Good Sam offer Emergency Road Service, which includes emergency fuel & fluid delivery service for those times when you cut it too close.

No matter how you decide to keep an eye on your gas gauge, make sure you get the most of your hard-earned money by driving safe and fuel-smart this spring and summer.

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